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Air Force 1 Information

Air Force 1 – not the most common mushroom name, right? Not only that but this mushroom strain is quite a rarity. You won’t find it anywhere else, almost. It packs a fairly potent psychedelic experience. It’s a powerful mushroom in its own right. It might not be on the same level of potency as Penis Envy Cubensis or Golden Teachers, but Air Force 1 doesn’t disappoint either.

It has a white and golden-hued cap, with a yellow-dotted stalk. The stalk ends with bluish-dark hues, giving you a feeling of intense desire. As with all other mushrooms, though, we recommend taking extreme care about the quantity you consume. Too little and you’ll barely feel a thing. Too much and you may lose yourself in the psychotropic journey ahead!

Air Force 1 contains a fair amount of psilocybin, which has been proven to have neuroprotective and neurogenesis-related functions. This means your cognitive functions will decay slower if you consume this mushroom. Micro-dosing will help you alleviate anxiety symptoms, increase your focus, and improve your performance.

Take a bite and let your imagination run wild! You may experience intense hallucinations and temporal distortion. These are all common effects of psychedelic mushrooms, and Air Force 1 isn’t any different!

12 reviews for Air Force 1

  1. Max

    Great mushroom. Doesn’t have that bitter taste that most other mushrooms have when eating them raw. The onset was very smooth once the yawning subsided (might be just me that yawns before the ride). Colours became vivid and popped before I became one with nature. Mellowest come down I ever had. Would buy again!

  2. Beth

    GET THESE BACK IN STOCK. I blended these with a bit leftover from the last trip (different kind of shroom). The high was so much stronger than I anticipated. Be careful with these ones kids. But definitely buy them

  3. ADAM

    I found them to be a little mellower then others. A good one for cuddling up to the partner for a night in. However coming down is a very comfortable transition. Visuals were okay, if I was to want my mind blown I would go another direction but a great all around’er just need to take a little more.. Thanks !!

  4. Brandon

    Definitely a get er done strain, once the initial onset kicked in I could not sit still which turned into a very productive cleaning session. I didn’t feel any nausea or cramps which sometimes happens, perhaps this is a strain best for looking inwards. Also had a couple of good laughing fits as well which is very nice. I would recommend these as the comedown was very subtle which is nice for beginners.

  5. Anna

    Not my favorite strain but still fun. The quality of the mushrooms was great. I like to grind mine up in my blender and pack them in veggie gel capsules for easy microdoses and occasionally take a larger dose when I have the free time. Nice vibes but I wouldn’t repurchase as other strains are a better fit for what I’m looking for.

  6. Debra

    get ready for a flight like no other

  7. Emma

    Not the best strain i’ve ever had but it was still a great high. I don’t think I would repurchase again because I have found other strains i like better but this was still good

  8. Jordin

    So good had to order another 3.5G!

  9. Patrick

    Immaculate mushy!
    Totally blown out my mind visuals ,
    Have a nice flight if you order these !

  10. Patrick

    I ordered these on a whim. I normally wouldn’t buy anything other than penis envy, but these were a wicked visual trip.

    They tasted horrible, like dirty laundry or something, know know what I mean 😉

    They took about 45 minutes to kick in. The tracers started and so did the laughter… 2g lasted about 4 hours. The comedown was especially clean. These mushrooms are a must.


  11. Joseph

    This strain is very uplifting, great body high, and some of the best psychedelic visuals I’ve had yet!!😃

  12. Tyler

    Love how this website keeps getting better with their expertise in mycology the Air force 1 is amazing i love how the breeder cloned the perfect parent in the colony and took away the negative attributes similar the Mexicans but absolutely beautiful

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