Big Mex Chocolates (Green)

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Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana Dchocolate

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Big Mex Chocolates (Green) Information

The Big Mex Chocolates are made from high-quality mushrooms, and offer a pretty serious psychoactive experience. They’re best used for mood enhancement, as you’ll laugh your way out of anxiety and depression immediately after consuming one of these chocolates. Inside each chocolate is a powder of Psylocybe Cubensis Mexicana and semi-sweet Belgian chocolate.

What these mushrooms do is simple – they make you introspective, sociable, and very mindful. The spiritual experience should put your thoughts in order and provide a hefty dose of euphoric energy. Your creativity will also improve for the time being, which is just great if you’re an artist lacking a good idea. The effects aren’t as rough as what other mushrooms offer, which is why many mushrooms users prefer these Big Mex Chocolates!

What do the Big Mex Chocolates look and taste like?


Cannabis edibles are generally quite delicious and sweet, with a unique flavour depending on the strain used in the making of the edible. In this case, these Big Mex Chocolate have an intense taste of chocolate and a rough aroma of mushrooms as you taste one. The flavour will accompany you during the entire psychoactive experience, which many enthusiasts will find pleasing.

These chocolates are wrapped in foil, and as you unwrap them, they’ll appear soft and dark. The chocolate flavour is delicious one a first taste, and it’ll stay the same even after you eat an entire chocolate. Each edible contains 1 gram of Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana, which is a whole lot for anyone to consume. If you’re a beginner, we don’t recommend eating one chocolate in a sitting. Instead, you should divide the chocolate into smaller parts and eat each one at a time.

What are the effects of the Big Mex Chocolates?

The number one effect of these chocolates is euphoria, followed by contemplation, sedation, and visual hallucinations. That’s right, psilocybin produces auditory and visual hallucinations that mess with your brain. If you’re used to these effects, then you’ll fully enjoy the experience as it calms you down and delivers an enjoyable state of mind! If not, then you have to carefully manage your doses and divide the chocolate into smaller parts.

Big Mex Chocolates provide serious therapeutic benefits for medical patients looking for an efficient treatment for their symptoms. Mushrooms are very good at treating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, cluster headaches, nausea, migraines, and more. Big Mex Chocolates are among the most effective mushroom edibles in Canada, which is why they’re a favourite of many mushroom consumers.

31 reviews for Big Mex Chocolates (Green)

  1. Jacob

    Really enjoy all of the chocolates on MMJDirect! They’re not as cost effective as buying an oz or half oz, but they’re easy to control your dose and not have to taste the shrooms as you take them. I would still reccommend buying in bulk and grinding up your dosage.

    I would say try the chocolates if you just want to have a moment of mindfulness, I wouldnt see myself eating 5 of them to get 5G in my system, much better to go the bulk option.

    Out of all the chocolates I’ve tried, my favourite are the Star Blend, Golden Teachers Penis Envy. But these are still really good too!! The chocolates are a nice little treat to get you where you need to go, but are an expensive option for a hero dose. For beginners, try the Big Mex Chocolates to try out a new strain! The visuals were a nice experience and I would try them again!

  2. Martin

    Strong effect , good taste

  3. Daria

    Not a bad experience, but I’m unsure I’d purchase again. One unique trait, is that my effects appeared to fade in and out. As if I was coming down but then went back up again – numerous times. Kind of interesting. In general, the visuals were a bit weak. But not the worst edible I’ve tried 😉

  4. Clara

    Before taking shrooms, I can’t help but feel a little nervous about my mood, or state of mind/being, because I suffer (and I really mean that) from Borderline Personality Disorder, and many others leading up to it, over the course of twenty-five years!😒 I’ve discovered that the magic of mushrooms🪄 seems to help (when I don’t go overboard with the dose ;p) alleviate some of the weight and is pleasantly distracting with faint hints of sunshine and rainbows! …. unless the atmosphere is unfavorably changed…. which is pretty much a game of russian roulette my brain likes to play.
    I bought a few of these chocolates, thinking that like thc, my tolerance seems quite (unreasonably🤨) high. Still, I only ate one Big Mex chocolate, which was actually really good! I don’t know if I’d say delicious, because it’s still mushrooms in chocolate.. ya know? Lol but honestly it’s worth mentioning, I actually enjoyed eating the bite-sized chocolate 🍫! It didn’t seem that a lot of time passed when I noticed a very subtle onset, and though it was mild, my anxieties and moody emotional whirlwinds seemed to float calmly in a cloud above me. Pleasant to look at. I felt content for the rest of the evening, even though I had started in a less-than-ideal mood!! Just from one chocolate! And there are more to try!! I’m a kid at a candy shop! 🍭

  5. Louis-Vincent

    I bought these chocolates because the big mexicans were the best mushroom by far out of all the ones I had tried and they have not been available in a long time.

    I had an amazing night with some of my closest friends out in the woods. We had better than usual conversations and everyone could keep their train of thought.

    I highly recommend these for social nights.

  6. Cianna

    We took these before our local fair and they lasted all night! I think 1 is definitely enough for a night out. I will for sure be buying these again to try a few at home. Absolutely recommend. They were a bit dry but that could have been due to the heatwave they were shipped during

  7. Julien

    Tasty, good vibrations with nice and smooth music it was really great

  8. Danielle

    bomb taste. introspective, helped me sort through a few things I had buried deep in my noggin over the years. visuals slapped as well. nice stroll

  9. Lauren

    Tried with a friend, definitely need a higher dose for myself but still had fun.

  10. Kaitlyn

    These were so nice. I didn’t notice too too much of a difference in effects between this and my usual Penis Envy chocolates, but the taste and effects were absolutely just as good!!! The packaging is super cute, they go over great with people who don’t enjoy the taste of mushrooms, and I LOVE the predictability of dosage. A !

  11. Nihal

    I think these are perfect for first time edible users! Get it!!!

  12. Alexander

    Bought these to change up from my original order. The taste of shrooms is subtle. These are probably the mildest edibles I have purchased. Take a quarter or half, wait an hour and a half, and see how you feel. If you start yawning, then you know they have hit. If you’re planning on a trip, prep and clean everything beforehand, your space looks much more noticeably gross otherwise.

  13. Warren

    Took 1.5 g of these on an empty stomach and after 45 minutes my cat had rainbow fire coming from his fur and lazers coming out of his eyes. Music rippled my body and spoke to aliens with my mind. Definitely recommend.

    Nice dark chocolate with no bad taste. Take half for your first time if you aren’t sure to check. If you feel good then 1.5g is very positive experience that you can control. Personally 2g is ideal level for getting the effect but still have a bit of control. Just be in a happy environment you feel safe in and you will have a good time.

  14. John

    One of my favourite chocolates on this website.Overall great product! Highly recommend!

  15. Tatiana

    One of my favourite chocolates on this website. Great for reducing stress, and a great enhancer and prolonger of hallucinations and intensifying colours around you. They are perfect for the outdoors, especially if you eat 2g worth. Definitely buying them again!

  16. Jalal

    I recently got these and was pretty impressed! I couldnt really tell the dif bw penis envy and these but that is likely bc l do not have a refined palate. What l love most is how shareable these are. Either split with a friend or hand them out like candy.. or stocking stuffers. The high is pretty chill but you definitely know youre on shrooms. I had a really good time on two but my friends were just as high on one. Def ordering again!

  17. Raffi

    This product is great for someone who doesn’t like the taste of the mushrooms so the chocolate completely overpowers that effect. The intensity of the high is just perfect for a casual day that you don’t wanna do too much. Effects include a lot of laughter and some visuals. (depends if you eat the whole piece at once or you bite small chunks here and there). Definitely helps with pandemic stress/anxiety/depression/loneliness.
    Overall great product! Highly recommend!

  18. Sandra

    Coping with a partner who suffers from alcoholism and agressive demensia has caused stress related physical and mental health issues for me. These mushrooms have helped me find the strength to endure and the compassion required so as not to selfdistruct and become another statistic

  19. Kyle

    I’ll be Blunt.. These didn’t do it for me. I heard they were good for Visuals but i took 2g and i had a very mild high no Visuals. But they obviously still made me feel really good.
    Just not as strong as i would have liked


  20. Meredith

    love all these micro chocolates. Makes for a wonderful mellow evening

  21. Michael

    Was really un-impressed with these chocolates. By no means am I a psychonaut in any way shape or form. I can count how many times I’ve done shrooms on one hand. After trying some shrooms about every 3 months for the past year I decided I wanted to really go for a psychedelic experience. After reading the reviews and recommended dosage I decided to go for 4 of these chocolates. I was expecting to lose touch with reality but instead I was met with a mild high with minor visual hallucinations. I recommend trying the golden teacher or penis envy ones instead.

  22. Daniel

    Big fan of these. I had tried the Golden Teachers prior, and while they were a good time, I wasn’t super into the kinda buzzing body high. I liked it for a bit, but after some time I felt a bit tense because of it.

    The Big Mex Chocolates were far more visual, and a nice feeling in general. I’d say these are my favorites now along with the Penis Envy, which also are much more visual. I’d recommend giving these a try for sure.

    As for flavor, they were pleasant. Decent chocolate taste, very little of that mushroomy flavor that isn’t exactly pleasant. One chocolate is plenty as well, at least for me.

  23. Robert

    I had tried shrooms before but this was the first mushroom trip for a couple of friends. We split this 3 ways and it tasted good and at that dose it had a mild effect. Perfect for first time. All agreed that splitting it 2 ways next time would probably be preferred.

  24. Tomas

    I tried it a few times with friends. This is for fun… take half and have a great laugh. Take a whole and not only you will laugh as you’ll be able to disconnect and travel.

  25. Tyler

    Similar to the cambodian the sativa of mushrooms great for going out on a late night lots of euphoria and giggles

  26. Jamey

    This was the first mushroom trip I’d ever tried – tasted delicious and a very mild effect. Perfect for first time!

  27. Guillaume

    Good taste and Good effect!

  28. Jamelie

    The vybe is amazing and the chocolate is a wayyy better experience than eating the shrooms, delicious for the mind and the tastebuds.

  29. Michael Ray

    Had this with the penis envy chocolates. Fun stuff and tastes good

  30. Ilyas

    Soothing experience. Highly recommend.

  31. Jad

    Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana is one of my favorite type of mushrooms if not my favorite. Helps with depression and low levels of energy as it picks me up day time or night time. Flows with your mood: tv, nature or nightlife. Highly recommend

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