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Peach CBD Gummies Information

The perfect combination between peachy flavour and therapeutic cannabis benefits – CBD Gummies (Peach). These gummies are everything you asked and didn’t ask for. Most cannabis enthusiasts would jump at the opportunity to try one of these CBD gummies. Filed with prime-quality and pure CBD, these gummies offer a wholly therapeutic and healing experience.


Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, migraines, insomnia, chronic pains, fatigue, or chronic stress, these CBD Gummies will help you manage your situation. With a balanced terpene profile and pure CBD cannabinoids, the CBD Peach Gummies offer the best of both worlds – supreme flavour and healing therapy! Eating one of these edibles will enhance your body and mind beyond what you thought possible.


What are the CBD Gummies’ effects like?


Once you taste one of these CBD Gummies, you’ll know exactly what to expect. If you had any CBD edibles before, you already have an inkling of what might happen. However, the resulting experience from these gummies will be more intense than anything you went through before. First off, the peach flavour is to die for, and its intensity will create a special state of sedation and relaxation.


Soothing tranquility, mental clarity, peak concentration, improved creativity, and ultimate sedation – CBD Gummies provide all this! Like we said, these peachy gummies will help you better manage your sickness symptoms, regardless of the severity of your medical condition. If you eat a CBD Gummy before going to sleep, it’ll guarantee an eventless night, with nothing to disturb your sleep.


How should you consume the CBD Gummies – Peach?


As always, we recommend taking one gummy at a time. Your initial dose should consist of a single gummy, just to test things out and see how your mind and body react. If the dose is too small to have any significant effect, then you should increase it next time. Don’t take another dose before the previous one reaches a finale, though, because it’ll ruin your future experiences!


You’ll only become confused if you mix up the doses. Each gummy contains a precise concentration of CBD, which should tell you more about its micro-dosing potential. CBD Gummies are perfect for any situation where you have to accurately manage your symptoms.

24 reviews for Peach CBD Gummies

  1. Line

    Good taste, easy to take as much as you like.

    I recommend

  2. Karen

    The taste was good

  3. Clay

    A delicious edible CBD option, Peach CBD Gummies are a wonderful, tasty choice and one of my favorites. Perfectly infused, the cannabis distillate is evenly distributed throughout each gummy for regular consistency. Always good to know if your introducing someone to the world of gummies – CBD is non-intoxicating at medically relevant doses. for a smoke free, longer-lasting and more convenient experience compared to combustibles. BUY ME!

  4. Keith

    I love the reachy taste. They’re just the right thing to relax on.

  5. Jesse

    I don’t often buy too many CBD products, but this was easily one of the best. They taste amazing and create a strong sense of calm that lasts a while. The price is quite reasonable and the gummies help me sleep way better than normal. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it’s sometimes hard to get a piece out as the gummies are quite sticky.

  6. Marilynne

    I like the taste of the peach as it is refreshing and not overpowering. We use peach as one of the main
    varieties we take each night. We rarely go to bed without taking one.
    Thank you for making them in great flavours.

  7. Andres

    Great flavour!
    Effects kick in about the 20-30 min mark.
    The high lasts about 4-5 hours.
    Definitely great for portion control

  8. Mathieu

    Frankly, I have a hard time determining if any CBD I take is helping or not. I feel it does, with a combination of other things, ultimately it’s doing more of it’s magic behind the scenes. Regardless, I trust in the quality as this Brand tends to be consistent in terms of quality with all it’s other edible types that I’ve tried. This edible has great taste. Anyone looking for potentially health benefits should check this one out.

  9. Victor

    These were very tasty however quite hard to cut up into pieces. I found that upon opening them they were very sticky but after a week or so of being opened in the resealable package they become stale and hard. I used to buy these because they were a cheap option for CBD edibles however now I prefer other products with easier dosing methods.

  10. Shannon

    Bought these for my anxiety. I was amazed how much these helped with both my anxiety and my sleep.
    I highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

  11. Khaled

    Love these CBD gummies, helps with getting you a deep sleep. Highly recommend !

  12. Amy

    I ordered these as I have a huge problem with sleep. I can have 1/2 a square of this product and sleep like a baby. I am not groggy in the morning and feel like I had a really good nights sleep

  13. Michelle

    I bought this product because I was looking for ways to help my anxiety and pain. It helps with my anxiety and I have noticed a difference for the better with my pain. I highly recommend this product. I have been taking it for nearly a year with great results.

  14. Corinne

    I suffer from spinal stenosis and have had 5 spinal surgeries already….and at times the pain will make it impossible for me to walk. These worked wonderful…without making me feel high and out of control of myself. I have been on all kinds of opioid meds and they often leave me in worse condition….would suggest anyone with chronic pain try these

  15. Kevin

    took one gummy in the morning for a nice anxiety free day

  16. Marc

    These really help me to mellow out when I am feeling stressed. I take them to wind down after work and also to help me sleep.

    They taste really good as well, I highly recommend!

  17. Rachel

    I love the taste of these gummies and how you can easily cut up (or nibble on) the lego block to choose your dose. Definitely recommend this and all the Twisted Extracts gummies.

  18. Jessika

    This site really does have a great bang for the buck. I got these to combine with all thc gummies in order to make my own cbd/thc hybrid. It gives you a nice low fuzzy high and you just feel lighter and more relaxed. The more you take, the lazier, heavier, and hungrier you feel, and definitely more relaxed with not a care in the world. With these, you just get the health benefits and no high.

  19. Cole

    I love these!! Twisted extracts makes awesome gummies, effects and taste wise. I almost wish they shipped with a bag of un medicated gummies to munch on because these are delicous. Good cbd content, and does the trick perfectly. Cant think of a negative to say about these. Ill definitely be buying these again. 5 stars

  20. Amber

    Excellent taste – not bad/chemical tasting.

  21. Giulia

    The tastiest gummy I ever had! You’ll be tempted to eat the whole bag!

  22. Alex

    very good does for my self and also had a crazy taste

  23. Amélie

    Ships in a block so you can cut your own dose!

  24. Alexander

    One of the best products ive used.

    Ships as one lego block to be cut up! Try this and you wont be dissapointed!

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