CBD/THC Sativa Cara-Melts

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CBD/THC Sativa Cara-Melts Information

9 reviews for CBD/THC Sativa Cara-Melts

  1. Rod

    This product was included in my first order, I was very satisfied with the taste and texture, they didn’t last long and I was unable to find them recently when I was on the website looking to place another order I didn’t find them please let me know how I can purchase these again or if there is a similar item available for purchase, thanks look forward to reply.

  2. Jessie

    The product I bought was very good

  3. Bernice

    This is a great product. Really helps with back pain

  4. Kelly

    Great package portion sizing, take a couple along for the day and enjoy the mellow glow. Nice flavour and slowly melts in your mouth so you just glide into happiness.

  5. Michelle

    These are great they taste good and the buzz is amazing. I got quite the body buzz. I never felt tired or zombie like at all. They taste like caramels. They are pretty stronger which I liked. The price was decent and it got here in 2 days.

  6. Justin

    I’ve been getting these for years and keep coming back. They’re super consistent in quality which makes choosing my dose that much easier. I will usually have half of one if I just want to relax while I go about my chores or hang with the kids. Even a whole one won’t send me for a loop, it will just bump up my energy a bit and help me enjoy whatever I’m doing.

  7. Liane

    I prefer to eat 1/2 at a time but I’m fairly new to this. Pretty good taste, especially for someone with a sweeth tooth who loves caramel. I would buy again.

  8. Stephanie

    Love these

  9. Victor

    One of my top faves! I got this as a gift for my partner and he absolutely loves them as well. These really help with managing ADHD symptoms and help to relax and focus and help with attention span and energy levels. Amazing product! Highly recommend for beginners looking for edibles. convenient, tasty, and very easy to dose.

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