Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s

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Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s Information

Grandpa’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar brings out the best of both worlds – chocolate and cannabis. This edible is flavourful in a way you’ve never experienced before. The potent chocolate aroma has a slight whiff of cookies, doubled by the sweetness and smoothness of the cream. The result – a magnificent edible with a great flavour, an unmistakeable aroma, and a potent cerebral burn.

The entire bar is perfectly balanced in terms of THC concentration. Each piece delivers a reasonable amount of THC, and it’s generally enough for a single dose. If you’re a veteran user, then perhaps two pieces may suffice. Either way, the ensuing experience will smoothen your mind, relax your body, and calm you thoroughly. The effects kick in after an hour, approximately.

What does the Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar look and smell like?

At first, all you see is a white chocolate bar with bits of stuff in it. Those bits and pieces are the cookies and cream components. The THC infusion isn’t visible but it’s there, waiting for you to take a bite. The cookie aroma and cream flavour are quite delicious when put together. The sweetness envelops your taste buds for the duration of the experience. Both the aesthetics and flavour are up to par with the highest culinary standards today!

What are the effects like?

This edible is an ever-popular one, and people use it as a way to detach themselves from pressing issues. Just grab a piece, put it in your mouth, and wait for it to melt. Or you can simply chew it and swallow it down. In about an hour, the THC enters your bloodstream and starts influencing your cognition and bodily sensations. You’ll feel chill, more relaxed, more focused, and more creative.

Medical patients use Grandpa’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar against stress, anxiety, and depression. Cannabis has a history of anecdotic and scientific evidence pointing to its therapeutic benefits. It may relieve symptoms of migraines, cluster headaches, PTSD, and insomnia. It all depends on the concentration of the cannabinoid compounds, though.

5 reviews for Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s

  1. Kevin

    This Grandpa chocolate bar is quite possibly the tastiest edible I’ve tried to date. The Cookies and Cream flavour is definately front and center. Usually high thc edibles have a funky thc taste. This one does not (in my opinion). The chocolate was smooth and rich. Just the right amount of sweetness. Grandpa brand chocolate bars are a worry free purchase, their perfect each and every time. You will not be disappointed!!!

  2. Paul

    I love it! It’s super potent! Great taste, as you can only taste a few hints of the THC. And the cookies and cream chocolate was near perfect!
    I’ll be buying this delicious and ass kicking edible next time it’s in stock!

  3. Sarah

    I’ve never had a bad Grandpa’s bar and this was no exception. Tastes like the big H’s Cookies and Creme bars and has a super nice effect, even better if you take two squares. If I was introducing someone to potent edibles, the taste alone would mean this is where I would start.

  4. Rob

    Kinda underwhelming. I bought the 500mg expecting a potent product. I can only assume it was an incorrect label because it took 3x times what i normally take to get the same effect.

  5. Alexandre

    Verry potent product!

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