Dark Galactic Ginger

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150mg THC per bar

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Dark Galactic Ginger Information

A delicious chocolate bar infused with High-Grade THC Distillate extract and real pieces of ginger. The Dark Galactic Ginger Space Bar from Astro Edibles is a real cannabis edible that can uplift your spirit and soothe your sweet tooth cravings all in one go.

Made with the best ingredients

There has never been a tastier way to explore the Milky Way than with a Space Bar that will simply send your taste buds and your senses flying. The Dark Galactic Ginger Space Bar is an outstanding dark chocolate bar that packs 150mg of pure THC. This is the fuel that will launch your rocket into orbit.

You can buy the Dark Galactic Ginger Space Bar online if you are in need of some relaxation after a hard day’s work if you are in chronic pain, suffer from general inflammation, have neuropathic pain or have insomnia. The Space Bar may relieve some of these symptoms, as many users have described.

But you can also enjoy the Dark Galactic Ginger Space Bar as a simple but incredibly delicious treat throughout the day as it can help you relax and cope a lot easier with a stressful environment.

This one of a kind treat is made with high-quality Premium 64% dark chocolate that is sure to please all cocoa lovers out there. A delicious surprise inside is the premium candied ginger, which gives the bar its name. Dark Galactic Ginger Space Bar has real pieces of Fijian ginger that have been candied in cane sugar, all for your delight. The outstanding ingredients used to make this Cannabar a delightful treat that you will be returning to time and time again.

Microdosing as a special treat

The Dark Galactic Ginger Space Bar is shaped like a classic chocolate bar. Every bar has 15 breakable squares that are meant for a microdosing experience which you can spread throughout the day. The entire chocolate bar packs 150mg THC in total. This means that when you buy The Dark Galactic Ginger Space Bar online, you will be getting 15mg THC per square.

You can buy The Dark Galactic Ginger Space Bar online in Canada from our store and enjoy a delicious treat at any time during the day. Start a journey through the Milky Way with a simple chocolate square!

Ingredients: cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, crystallized ginger (Fijian ginger and cane sugar), soy lecithin, vanilla, THC distillate extract.

May contain minor traces of nuts.

Please do not feed this product to children and pets.

4 reviews for Dark Galactic Ginger

  1. Jason

    Awesome taste, mild high

  2. Ashley

    Very low high. Beginner for sure. Great taste though.

  3. Justin

    I’m new to edibles. This was good for me and a few friends. Enjoyable flavour.

  4. Adam

    beginners level of THC, would be better if it had at least 500mg.

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