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Distillate by So High Information

So High Distillate is part of an exclusive brand of distillates concentrated to their purest form. This type of product can only be used for special circumstances when you need a perfected psychoactive or therapeutic experience. So High Distillate is an elite-level concentrate that should be the centerpiece of your weed collection. Its effects are incredibly potent, due to the 95.79% THC concentration. Each syringe has 1g of THC distillate and quality terpenes, fit for any medical patient in Canada!

One taste of this and your mind will relish in a state of euphoric rejuvenation. Your dark thoughts, worries, and depressive predilections will vanish almost immediately. As your mind calms down in a soothing fit of giggling and relaxation, your body goes through a sedative couch-lock. It’s not exactly a sleep-inducing lethargy, but So High Distillate is powerful enough to sedate your body a bit. And the flavour is to die for!

What does So High Distillate look and taste like?

 So High Distillate comes in 1g syringes, filled with 95.79% THC and 4.21% terpenes. The liquid is yellowish, with amber undertones, and it’s not at all viscous like other concentrates. These syringes are made in a way that allows you to forego dosages. Just consume the entire syringe in one go and you’ll be fine. The appearance is that of a highly-concentrated product, and its taste is just the same. Once you consume it, you’ll know for sure!

You can choose from a variety of flavours when buying So High Distillate. Take Gorilla Glue #, for instance. It has a strong chemical, chocolate, and diesel-like flavour that’ll put your brain on the backburner for once. Your taste buds will go through a complex tasting experience, which comes back around to diesel and chemical aromas again. Wedding Cake, on the other hand, brings a sweet berry-infused flavour that never gets old. So High Distillate can take lots of forms, depending on the strain it was made from.

How does So High Distillate affect you?

 THC distillates have one thing in common – they’re very potent and provide a balanced psychoactive experience. Whether you’re looking for a dose of euphoria and endless giggling, or a period of soothing relaxation, So High Distillate is the perfect choice. It has a mind-numbing THC concentration, so much that other concentrates pale in comparison to it. The So High brand name should spell it out for you. Get ready to feel your imagination and creativity running wild with euphoria!

Regarding physical effects, So High Distillate offers one of the best full-body experiences you’ve seen or felt. When the euphoria settles down, you can refocus your attention on your body. You’ll notice a feeling numbness and tranquility that makes most of your chronic pains disappear. Similarly, this distillate is excellent at treating headaches and nausea, especially with how easy it is to consume. Other than this, it can help with:

  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Neuropathic pains
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Mild cases of bipolar disorder

32 reviews for Distillate by So High

  1. Roberto

    Distillate by So High is without a doubt a high end product. I tried the blue berry flavour, the taste is good, I really like the high, it definitely is for relaxing after work or for the evening as it’ll make you go to a full body sedative state and make all your worries disappear. I have insomnia and I’ve gotten some of my best sleeps with this strain. My mind just melts in relaxation allowing me to drift slowly into a deep repairing rest, so deep that I don’t remember any dreams at all Lol! but I wake up feeling rested and ready to take on whatever the day throws at me.
    I liked it so much that I’m trying the green apple and pineapple express

  2. Mark

    Got sick with covid and ecoili at the same time 1 month ago, was very sick with bad sinus and lung infection. Couldn’t smoke weed due too sore lungs and coughing so I tried a spins 20mg edible finally after 4 days into the illness.Tried them several times and each time I would take one my sinuses and cough became remarkably better,almost nonexistent within an hour of taking one.Had a blood analysis done this morning which showed my cvid is almost completely gone. Usually use the tasty edibles for pain management and better sleep but they also seem to kick cvid to the curb. These Spins edibles are truely amazing!

  3. Alexander

    Hands down the best quality of distillate that works great as an edible. I bought three different flavours and all of them were stellar in taste and effect! I enjoyed them so much I was trying to let them last as long as they could, they provide a quicker kick in time than regular edibles and the taste in incomparable. And WOW is it strong, I over did it a few times during the day and had to take an impromptu edible nap haha

    With how easy it is to use the dropper you can infuse anything you want, but a small piece of candy works great with the fruity taste of the distillates. Lemon Kush and Orange Pineapple were my favourites, ill always be back to buy more of this product!

  4. Russell

    haven’t gotten for a long time. I originally bought this for a buddy and decided to try it for reasons unknown. I put a drop under my tongue and kinda forgot about it. It is a very sneaky high,I went to the store to get something and when I got back in my vehicle I couldn’t remember how to get home LOL nothing looked familiar,was sort of disconcerting my hands know the way but I didn’t. It was a fun high once I figured out where I was.

  5. Sidney

    easy to use in baking plus by using different strains enables you to get the terpene profile you want.

  6. Lisa

    Second Time Purchase
    Great product, trying Do Si Do and a couple others.
    I find this a really simple and effective method. I drizzle it under my tongue and I find it to be the longest lasting. Great at night if you need to change things up. I use either 200 mg THC DAILY CAPS or about the same of distillate. Since starting with MMJ DIRECT all the products I need are found on one site.
    These products are true to the dosage unlike some MOMS.

  7. Mary-Ann

    My first time trying this product. I was enticed when I read it’s not thick and needing heating. I also like that it’s flavored compared to others I have tried. I use it by placing a drop or 2 under my tongue, so flavour helps.

    I suffer from a chronic illness and pain as well as horrible insomnia. This distillate is a step up from others I have tried and I have tried quite a few. Due to lung issues I can’t smoke or vape very easily which does suck. This gives me an alternative and helps me cut down on my dry herb use which my lungs are grateful for.

    The blood orange was good and it was nice not to have the stickiness on my teeth afterwards. I haven’t tried to sleep yet but I think it will help as it’s an indica strain. I will definitely order this again but need to try all flavours. Blueberry next!

  8. Jerry

    Highly recommend

  9. Jeanette

    I’ve ordered this a few times now and you truly can’t beat the high. Pineapple Express is above and beyond, anytime I get this I’m truly *ucked.

  10. Scott

    Ive been using this product for at least three years. Certainly by far the best bang for your buck. Great flavours expanding all the time. Would recommend this product to everyone

  11. Tyrone

    This distillate is the bomb! First time using it here! I bought it to try as an alternative to smoking for anxiety. It works great in a refillable vape cartridge! Easy to fill with little to no mess.

    Great taste and high, and gentle on the lungs. My wife loves this stuff as well as my relatives whom I’ve turned them on to it! I will buy again and again, but a little goes a long way! Thanks MMJ!

  12. Jessica

    I tried the grapefruit (sativa) distillate. I actually purchased this item in error, as I thought it was a vape cartridge. When it came in the mail I realized this mistake, but tried it immediately. Great product, it is quite concentrated. Definitely tasted grapefruity-licious! The line-marked syringe allows for easy, precise dosages (0.25ml each). I tried 0.2 ml of the 1.0 ml syringe when I received the product and I was not disappointed! it actually reminded me of how much I like edibles. It didn’t make me fall asleep, which I liked, while still providing a happy-go-lucky cerebral buzz. I would purchase this prodct again

  13. Cathy

    We ordered the blood orange and have been quite enjoying it
    Nice flavor, good effect
    I refilled an old cartridge which was pretty fussy but worked.
    Still haven’t tried adding it to a joint
    Going to try of the several others now

  14. Jordan

    I got this distillate to mix with other concentrates that I’m dabbing.
    I’m so satisfied with the flavor of this Jack Herer distillate.
    The flavor is very strong I only need a little bit to get the effect I’m looking for.
    There are so many other strains offered in distillate form I’m excited to pick up some new flavours next time I stock up.
    I am impressed.
    Thanks MMJ!

  15. Glen

    Sorry to say, but very disappointed in the Blood Orange. I have a fair amount of experience with distillate, and this product provided little to no buzz.

  16. Jo-anne

    Tasty and effective. Blood Orange

  17. Chris

    This product is the simplest way I know how to consume Cannabis. I bake with it and it’s potent and when mixed correctly into my baking it’s predictable and consistent. All of the things you need to consume for treatment.
    I would “highly” recommend these units as it’s also the cheapest bang for your buck when compared to other edibles prices.

    I make 33 bit size brownies using 1000mg of oil. That creates 33 mg brownies at 0.75 cents each when you buy it for $24.75.. See what I mean. Clean high also, no cob webs the next day.

  18. ADAM

    I like it. Tasty not overwhelming, easy going down, effect was good. Not special but for the price worth it. I do believe i would purchase it again Thanks

  19. Sean

    Very sticky and runny product! Tasty lemon kush, no need to run under water like other brands, this one comes out on its own so be sure to cap it back every time!

    Definitelly high grade THC. Everybody got a different opinion about distillate but if you like the concept, “So High” wears it’s name on the sleeve for a reason, this is a very decent product, got it for dabbing.

    Dabbed at 430, 450, 470, 500, 520, and 550 farenheit.

    Obviously the more heat you provide, the less balance will be gained toward the flavour

    I’m in my 20’s , 170 pounds i smoke every single day at least 20 dabs but whenever i bust out this syringe, my banger stay way clean and my lungs like that.

    That’s a 5/5

  20. Scott

    This stuff is awesome!! I buy a few every month, and they seem to last me. Super terpy and flavourful. Wedding cake and blood orange are my favourite. Use it as an edible or put some on a joint…

  21. Marc-Olivier

    easy to administrate and orange pineaple is strong and if you want juice and be high and straight sativa . Strong and i dont remember if because terpenes but is flat and not sticky but for the price is an euphoria smell experience, but advicing the number of terpenes is extreme so be careful of you choice, you mouth can be aromatised of terpenes is not chimical but clean and original smell, drop it drop it and buy a lot if you are serious about EASY proocurating terpenique product OMG THIS IS DELECIOUS BABY

  22. Blain

    I have tried “Blood Orange” (Indica). Excellent product. I use concentrates for two purposes. First, Indica for sleep and healing. A drop under your tongue a couple of hours before bed makes for a perfect sleep. Pain relief is excellent. My only complaint is that I appear to be running low. I am trying the Grapefruit (Sattiva) because the second reason for using plant medicine, is to be alert, creative. I love playing guitar and the Sativa strain, hopefully will motivate hours of playing. I love to enjoy a long sumptuous meal with friends and family and have the conversation soar to humorous and creative heights. Hoping the Sativa does the trick.
    I have found that a moderate size drop of the Blood Orange, worked well with a couple of drinks and allowed me to play guitar for a while. It does eventually get you dozy and dopey.
    The dispenser is far better than the long thin plastic ones which are messy and difficult to measure out. Viridesco has an even better dispenser (glass), however So High has a good one as well. The contents from both So High and Viridesco are on par.
    I have no taste preference… don’t much care. The taste of So High distillate is earthy, dense and very acceptable.
    I have had great results from rubbing a small amount on skin patches that may be pre-cancerous. I have cleared up several of these spots just with a little rub on of So High distillate, at least once a day (before bed is best). Some disappeared in a few days, others have taken longer. Using this distillate topically for any skin problem should be of interest for many.

  23. Bryan

    I enjoy using this distillate for making homemade edibles. I use a mini muffin tin and add one vial of distillate to whatever mix I am using. Usually one batch will do 30-35 mini muffins making each one about 30mg each. I have made mini brownies, mini blueberry muffins and mini banana bread. There is little to no weed taste, just squirt it into the batter, mix well, bake and enjoy responsibly.

  24. Drake

    I really can’t say anything negative about this distillate.  Although I will be honest some of the Turpine profiles aren’t to my liking. There are several profiles that are to die for. My personal preference has to be The blood Orange before bed. Very relaxing despite the amount of thc.
    These can be smoked on your bowl, fed through a cart or dabed like I prefer to maximize flavor.

    I have personally tried all the Varieties below  and my associated scores out of 5 for each.

    Lemon kush: 4.5/5  Great lemon flavor.

    Lemon Skunk: 2/5  Not to my taste because the Skunk is really in your face. Others may enjoy it.

    Blood orange: 5/5 Delicious and very relaxing

    Grape Ape: 4/5  Great grape flavor and very relaxing,  just not a fan of most grape flavors personally.

    Strawberry Sherbert: 4/5 Good flavor profile but nothing extraordinary.

  25. Ryan

    Clear; clean strong and tasty distillate. Good glass syringe with easy lock for resealing. Easy to fill up vape carts

  26. Bernice

    I have bought the Hybrid to put into pain cream for MS that I make and it works
    Fantastic and I take just a drop at night

  27. Luke

    great taste, very potent, discrete, lots of different strains, great for people who don’t want to smoke weed!

  28. Patrick

    Absolutely phenomenal,
    Not sure how I can do 3 reviews here as I’ve bought this 3 separate times in the last two weeks but the blueberry was a great taste and then decided to buy the wedding cake and do si do , they arrived yesterday and wowowow,
    Completely pain free all day yesterday by adding just a tiny bit to a cracker and ingesting , took about 20-30mn to full kick in and wow does it give you the munchies too!, but didn’t wake up for almost a full 24hrs so make sure you have a day set aside and to come down haha , excellent after buying 3 I’ll def be buying more

  29. Tammy

    Ordered 2, wedding cake and the Pineapple Express. Have only tried the wedding cake so far and it’s very tasty on its own. I added this to a joint and it gave it a really sweet taste and made the joint taste so much better. I tried dabbing it but didn’t really like the taste which surprised me as that’s what I bought it for.

  30. Michael

    Purchased blueberry Indica and I definitely think this is my favourite distillate so far. The flavour is great and the effect is quite good. I have mostly been using it in my dabox pro as well as TAF sai. I have tried putting a bit on flower as well and it adds a nice change to the flavour profile. Im will be 100% adding this to future orders as well.

  31. Drake

    First purchase was on the Lemon Haze and I was not let down! Super tasty is low temp dabbed and make sure to watch you’re dose! This will truly have you blazé. Plan to try making edibles with my next batch!

  32. Michael

    This stuff is the real deal. Instead of waking up and smoking a bowl I decided to munch on some distillate instead. In about 30 minutes I could feel the effects creeping in and I was quick to jump start my day! Taste is amazing, I got the orange pineapple flavour. For this price point and quality, you can’t go wrong! Highly reccomennded.

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