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Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil by Viridesco Information

The Viridesco Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil is a form of extremely concentrated oil great for alleviating symptoms of epilepsy, chronic pain, nerve pain, anxiety, nausea, arthritis, anxiety, and insomnia. Many medical patients use these CBD tears to great effect even when dealing with severe medical symptoms. Because there’s no THC included in this CBD Oil, you won’t get high after consuming it.


How does it sound to obtain peak relaxation, physical comfort, and endless wellbeing after just one sip of this oil? The Viridesco Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil is specifically made with therapeutic benefits in mind. Cannabis enthusiasts looking for a treatment will find that the Viridesco brand always delivers perfection. This is yet another example of their superior techniques.


What does the Viridesco Full Spectrum CBD Oil do to you?


Countless studies attest to the analgesic, anti-inflammation, antioxidant, neurodegenerative protection, and immunomodulator benefits of CBD. Simply put, consuming CBD should help you alleviate most symptoms, especially symptoms of pain or aches. Even cancer patients have a real chance at reducing the severity of their illness with pure CBD. It’s a known fact that CBD stops the multiplication of cancer cells in the body by suppressing the blood flow to these tumors.


If you’ve never tried CBD tears before or if Full Spectrum CBD Oil sounds otherworldly, then you should give the Viridesco Oil a shot! Each Viridesco product is lab-tested for efficacy, safety, and potency of effects. Some patients even use it to treat hemorrhoids and various itches by applying it like a topical. The overall effects bring relaxation, sedation, pain-relief, and numbness.


How do you use the Full Spectrum CBD Oil?


The regular consumption method for CBD tears like this oil is orally. Put a few drops under your tongue, wait for 30-40 seconds for the CBD to be absorbed, and then swallow. This should ensure perfect absorption into your bloodstream, as well as intense effects. However, others use the Viridesco Full Spectrum CBD Oil as a topical, applying it on key areas of their bodies.


It works either way, depending on your therapeutic goal. This oil effectively relieves any type of pain, including arthritis pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, chronic and acute pain.

*Note: The exact THC percentage varies slightly with each new batch. Please contact us for the exact % of our current batch.

4 reviews for Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil by Viridesco

  1. Jordan

    I have recently started adding some of this to my joints and on top of my bowls and I love the well rounded effect it brings to weed that is already high in THC.
    I think smoking CBD is just as beneficial as smoking THC and it’s effects are underestimated.
    I love mixing this in with hash or mixing it in with other THC concentrates like Live Resin.
    Thanks MMJ!

  2. Robyn

    I have a rare disease that affects with severe pain in my head and gut. As soon as it starts, I take a dose of this CBD, which immediately soothes the throbbing pains in my head and/or the twisting pain within my gut. The nature of this pain does sometimes shoot past the pain management of the CBD, in which case, I will add a THC product, but for the most part, this CBD product does a great job in relieving mild to moderate pain issues while leaving my head clear for the day. I highly recommend this for moderate levels of pain and for daily treatment to calm varying issues that may result in pain.

  3. Tanner

    I use it to help me sleep, I’ve had a headache going on 7 years now after my last concussion. Mixing this with a strong indica is the only thing that helps me sleep

  4. Judith

    Best CBD Full Spectrum I’ve found! Of the CBD Oils available that I have used going back 8 years, Viridesco Full Spectrum CBD is the best for a number of ailments and reasons. I require lower dosage per day and the concentration/% from one batch to the next is far more consistent than others. Great product!

    Please keep it coming!

    My story:

    I started using CBD Oil for joint pain 8 years ago. My personal MD would not write me a prescription which was required back then. I found another doctor to write one for me. It works for my joint pain. I now have a doc fully on board.

    Surprise CBD effect: I had a kidney removed 45 years ago and my remaining kidney was found to be approaching 50% function. After taking CBD daily for 4 months, my kidney function improved to 62%. Four months later it was up to 67% and topped out at 72% 4 months later. My family doctor had no explanation as a kidney in natural feline doesn’t suddenly start improving. She didn’t hesitate to write me a prescription the following year and function is still holding above 70%. Disclaimer: My experience with CBD improving and maintaining my kidney function at an increased Creatinine Clearance rate is my experience only and based on lab results 3 times per year.

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