Hazelnut Comet Crunch by Astro Edibles

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Hazelnut Comet Crunch by Astro Edibles Information

Hazelnut Comet Crunch by Astro Edibles comes in a 300mg variant, and can be divided into 15 portions each worth 20mg of THC. Even with this division, a beginner cannabis user will go through a superb psychoactive experience that’ll excite both mind and body. You may be looking for some fun with the euphoric and energetic rush of this Comet Crush. Others may want a healing experience to treat their medical symptoms. We’re here to tell you that you can do both with the Hazelnut Comet Crunch!


Astro Edibles always makes you star-struck with their products, and this is one of those times when you simply can’t look away! Or smell away, for that matter. This edible has an intense hazelnut smell and taste that’ll conquer your taste buds and nostrils from the first moments you try it. You may be thinking to consume the entire bar in one sitting, though we don’t recommend that. Stick to the dosage to improve your cannabis experience!


What does the Hazelnut Comet Crunch by Astro Edibles look and taste like?


This edible has a very intense taste of Hazelnut that you’ll come to love from your first bite. As you bite into it, the insides become mellow and melt in your mouth, releasing a very juicy and scrumptious aftertaste of nutty hazelnut. It’s like taking a bite out of a hazelnut chocolate, with all that sweetness and mellowness spreading in your mouth. Your taste buds never become accustomed to the unique flavour of the Hazelnut Comet Crunch, so you’ll always feel just as good when you eat one!


As for its appearance, this edible looks like your average hazelnut chocolate with bits of nuts in it. You wouldn’t know it contains cannabis if you don’t read the label. Even then, if you don’t know what THC is, then you’ll still be unaware of the truth hiding behind this chocolate. When you eat a piece, a euphoric experience opens up to you, only to descend into contemplation and meditation.


How does the Hazelnut Comet Crunch affect you?


This edible is not only flavourful and tasty, but also helpful for medical patients looking for a treatment. After eating a piece worth 20mg of THC, you should feel more relaxed and more comfortable. Your mind will renounce on its depressive and anxious predilections, and you’ll be less likely to have a bad mood. Any chronic or nerve pains should disappear by now, as your body becomes utterly relaxed and comfortable.


Are you looking for something to curb your insomnia? Eat a piece of the Hazelnut Comet Crunch before going to sleep, and you’ll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, focused, and functional! Similarly, this edible helps your lack of appetite by giving you the munchies. If you’re exhausted or fatigued after a bad day at work, this Comet Crunch is your answer!

23 reviews for Hazelnut Comet Crunch by Astro Edibles

  1. Mark

    Was great but unavailable now 🙁

  2. Daria

    A decent high, though I haven’t been able to notice a difference between eating 20mg or 40mg (30 is usually my baseline). I do find that being made from a distillate, rather than directly consuming flowers, it somehow lacks some warmth, if that makes sense? It does make me fall asleep eventually with couch lock I can’t overcome. So for those who like using an edible to help them sleep, this could fill that need!

  3. Christopher

    This bar is absolutely delicious. I didn’t get particularly high off it, but I am a heavy user and perhaps didn’t take enough. Awesome for occasional users, as the person who received it as a gift enjoyed it a lot, especially the taste.

  4. John David

    Super delicious chocolate – the hazelnut is my favourite flavour from Astro – 15 squares for each bar that are extremely potent for a chocolate edible bar. So tastey you won’t be able to eat just one square. These vars go down too easy which is problematic due to the potency and my weakness to sweets. You can’t go wrong with this bar, just buckle up buckeroo is all I can say if you demo the entire bar in one sitting.

  5. Jo-anne

    Just arrived…couldn’t wait.
    Plan was to save this for later in the evening, …bad plan.
    Absolutely scrumptious! Love the hint of cannabis ❤️👌🏿! Just a hint, not at all overwhelming.😎
    Yummy became smiley in about 40 minutes.
    Yes.. I ate 4 squares..and no, it’s not too much or too little, perfect for experienced cannabis consumers who need a night time dose in the day time!😌🥰.

    An additional 3 squares later that evening kept me floating, pain reduced and happily slid into a restful night’s 😴 sleep.

    Highly recommend 👌🏿❤️❤️.

  6. Zach

    I’ve been eating space bars for years, and they might be the only food out there that got bigger and better over time instead of smaller and worse. They’re tasty, they hit hard, and they’re decently priced. You can’t go wrong.

  7. Corinne

    This product has a wonderful flavor and enough of a kick to just help you relax…
    Unless you choose to eat more than one square

  8. ADAM

    This is another purchase I made for my darling wife in hopes she would try edibles. However I ended up using it whoops!! The product is quite good, carried the punch that a 300mg should, not a lot of herb taste just a hint, which for me is fine as I quite enjoy the taste of bud. Appearance was quite professional and not over the top wasteful packaging (money in product not the box) but still intriguing to the eye. As stated it was for my wife as my sweet tooth left me at the age of 10. All and all quality product and would buy for entertaining people that have the lust for chocolate with there medicine. Bought on sale so well worth it at the price of that day!!!!! Thanks.

  9. Colin

    Great flavour, great high, what else do you need? These taste like actual chocolate bars you would get from any candy store. No weed taste, no bitter after taste. High is nice and relaxing after a long day. I usually take them after the gym and I can feel the muscle soreness melt away. Would recommend for evenings as they can couch lock you or put you to sleep.

    Definitely worth ordering a few different flavours of what you might like and give it a try. You won’t regret it.

    I have stored these in the fridge or freezer without any degradation in the high or taste. Oldest one I had was a year in the fridge/freezer and it still got me as high as a new one.

  10. Christopher

    This is a delicious way to consume your thc. The quality is defiantly there. I enjoy 1 squre befor bedtime every night and I sleep like a baby. Astro edibles makes a great product. I have tried 3 of their products and am not disappointed by any of them.

  11. Adam

    Great bar- tasty and packs a good punch! would definitely recommend!

  12. Raffi

    Oh wow! If you like hazelnut chocolate then this will definitely be your favourite!

    The high is not too intense if you nibble on a piece or two, gives you that creative , energetic feeling full of positivity and laughter! Will always buy again from this brand!

  13. Tony

    I always complain that edibles aren’t potent enough – well, not this one! Prepare to be impressed!

  14. Nils

    Amazing chocolate and amazing high. I mean it’s really good chocolate. The chocolate has good potency and features an incredible high. Definitely recommend trying this brand.

  15. Georgia

    Great taste, could eat the entire bar because its so yummy (I do not finish it though, most often take aroung 20mg). I think the chocolate edibles give me a much nicer high than the gummies. A high that slowly builds up and peaks a little more intensely for me. I buy this product frequently and recommend it if you enjoy taking edibles.

  16. Cathy

    Taste is good, found it a little slow but nice high

  17. Amber

    Great taste!

  18. Jesse

    I purchased this bar to share with my partner and enjoy a nice buzz without feeling too overpowered. This one was perfect and tasted great, with no significant plant taste. This is the perfect chocolate bar if you’re looking for good taste and a clean high. I felt I could still function well and enjoyed the buzz. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a tasty and efficient high.

  19. Brian

    Ate an entire bar before watching end game in theater.

    Had to get a taxi home.

  20. Justin

    Another one of my purchases on my quest to sample all of the bars available. This one was extremely impressive. One of the best bars available next to the Milky Way in potency. Like the Milky Way, I was able get a subtle taste of product but it was heavily masked. Definitely could see someone overlooking the taste and saying ‘I didn’t taste anything but chocolate’ which is where this bar excelled over the Milky Way.

    This was an excellent way to unwind and I throughly enjoyed the ride. Tippy top of all bars for me.

  21. Alex

    so good holy fuck i loved this bar

  22. Jennifer

    Loved it! Definitely recommend!

  23. Jonathan

    Again, this is a great purchase. Highly recommended. 😉

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