Hazelnut Comet Crunch

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300mg THC per bar

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Hazelnut Comet Crunch Information

Hazelnut Comet Crunch dessert bar produces body-balancing and mentally uplifting effects. Has 300mg THC per bar (15 portions of 20mg).

Shelf Life: 90 Days before freezing.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa liquor, hazelnut, soy lecithin, vanilla, THC distillate extract.

**May contain nuts.**



5 reviews for Hazelnut Comet Crunch

  1. Brian

    Ate an entire bar before watching end game in theater.

    Had to get a taxi home.

  2. Justin

    Another one of my purchases on my quest to sample all of the bars available. This one was extremely impressive. One of the best bars available next to the Milky Way in potency. Like the Milky Way, I was able get a subtle taste of product but it was heavily masked. Definitely could see someone overlooking the taste and saying ‘I didn’t taste anything but chocolate’ which is where this bar excelled over the Milky Way.

    This was an excellent way to unwind and I throughly enjoyed the ride. Tippy top of all bars for me.

  3. Alex

    so good holy fuck i loved this bar

  4. Jennifer

    Loved it! Definitely recommend!

  5. Jonathan

    Again, this is a great purchase. Highly recommended. 😉

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