Keyy Card Shots

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One 10ml liquid dose

20mg CBD and 30mg THC options

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Keyy Card Shots Information

It’s time to start mixing your favorite treat of the day. Keyy Card Shots are small and conveniently packaged liquid shots that you can add to any hot or cold beverage to turn it into a real self-medicating treat at any point during the day.

A single 10ml liquid dose packs no less than 20mg of CBD and 30mg of THC. Not to mention that you can buy Keyy Card Shots online in different flavors, to really spice things up and brighten up your day. However, the main attraction that most users love about Keyy Card Shots is just how discreet and easy to carry around they are.

Easier to use than an actual key card

Keyy Card Shots are 60 x 100 x 2mm, which makes them around the size of a real-life key card. They weigh only 17 grams and have a volume of 10ml per pack. They come in the shape of a snap pack that you can bend completely in half. When you do, the snap will create a small hole which will then allow you then pour the contents of the package into your drink of choice.

The size of the Keyy Card Shots themselves as well as the fact they can be opened so easily, means you can carry several around with you for daily use, be it in your purse, backpack, wallet, or simply in your pocket. As a result, the experience of using the Keyy Card Shots becomes not just easy, but also very discreet, allowing you to enjoy an indulgent and self-medicating treat whenever and wherever you want.

One single pack is enough for one dose. It has 10ml which will require you to pour it and mix it into 250ml of hot or cold liquid. Keyy Card Shots are made with natural ingredients, natural sweeteners, and flavors.

Different flavors for different tastes

If you buy Keyy Card Shots online, you can choose between different flavors. Buy Keyy Card Shots online in Canada from our store because we offer a healthy selection. You can choose between Tangerine Dream, which has 30mg of THC and Grape Punch, which packs 20mg of CBD and no THC.

Both are delicious and will cater to all your needs. Users report that the taste is mild and pairs perfectly with any beverage of your choosing, be it plain water, orange juice, or soda.

9 reviews for Keyy Card Shots

  1. Jonathan

    Hit and miss. I’ve bought about 10 of these, the issue is sometimes the effects are great and others I don’t feel anything. Also the taste is very artificial. Would not buy again.

  2. Subhash

    Great product for an addition to your cocktail. I bought the Tangerine Dream flavour and of course it was delicious, but not so potent it changes the taste of the drink you’re pouring it into. A nice euphoric feeling for the regular weed user. Possibly a more potent reaction for the occasional user. Also fits right in your wallet!

  3. Brandon

    Really enjoy these. Added a few to my purchase on a whim. Loved them the first few times…. splitting one key card in a pitcher, then wanting more. That being said, quickly found my tolerance being more noticeable. But a little addictive to “whatever” is super convenient and a nice touch

  4. Sarah

    I was so excited to buy these as stocking stuffings for my husband and sister and brother-in-law. I think we were all disappointed that the effects were not felt more potently – ultimately after a few hours not feeling much, I took another edible after having had this. It tasted really good and we are all moderate to heavy users, so YMMV but I likely would not buy again.

  5. Patrick

    The key card THC shot is a tasty way to consume cannabis discretely. My girlfriend don’t drink alcohol so I bought her these to have as a drink at a get together and no one knew the difference.

  6. Nils

    This is a great product if you just want the ability to carry around a “fun time” in your wallet. The high was very enjoyable. Would recommend this product.

  7. Meredith

    Easy to use. Tasty. Adds spark

  8. Chris

    Love the taste great item

  9. Cole

    Im giving this 4 stars only because i felt the effects were quite lackluster. 30mg is normally a good amount for me but i didnt feel much from this. It tasted decent enough. I could see these being good for the cannabis newbie. Making a drinkable thc product is a cool concept, i would just like to see more dosage options personally

  10. Rory

    These are great! Highly recommend this product. First, they are delicious on their own as a shot and it kicks in fairly quickly, or they can be added to a bottle of water or juice to take out with you for a bike ride or an excercise for a slower onset buzz. Youll feel great by the end of it. And for the price, I think its a great deal. Will totally be buying more.

  11. Tim

    Very tasty. Id suggest taking 2 though for effects

  12. Tim

    Tasty got a slight buzz but not enough for me

  13. Tim

    Very tasty. I’d suggest taking two though for better effects

  14. Trevor

    I mixed the entire dose with carbonated water, and an hour later was feeling great. It would be nice if they stated sativa or indica, in my opinion this was a sativa.

  15. David

    Good taste. Good for pain relief.

  16. Patrick

    This one is a suprise, the taste is great in juice or other beverage. Realy practical.
    Belle surprise, le goût est excellent dans votre jus préféré ou autres. Très pratique.

    The high was pretty quick and stay for a few hours. Heavy user may use two.
    Le high arrive tôt et peux durer quelques heures. Utilisateur habitué peux en prendre deux.

  17. Marc-Olivier

    i very love it

  18. Steven (Xing)

    Tastes alright, but like the other comments here, the high is a little weak.

  19. Kathleen

    Decent flavour, but not very potent for anyone with a higher tolerance. Maybe use two.

  20. Antoine

    Decent flavour, easy to ingest with water

  21. Veronika

    Worth it for the price. Might want to consider using two if you have a high tolerance.

  22. Carter

    Very good flavour! Very fun high

  23. Craig

    I love these, mix one into some orange Gatorade and enjoy!

  24. Michael

    Taste is good. Effects take between 1-1.5 hours to settle in. Highly recommended.

  25. Jonathan

    Decent flavour, worth the price.

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