Lemon Cheesecake Supernova Bar by Astro Edibles

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Lemon Cheesecake Supernova Bar by Astro Edibles Information

The Lemon Cheesecake Supernova Bar by Astro Edibles is a delicious infusion combined with quality chocolate bars. This cannabis edible is loved for its cerebral uplifting effects, which also helps its users to manage their stress and pain levels more easily and effectively.

Lemon Cheesecake Supernova Bar is infused with High-Grade THC Distillate Extract, with a 150 mg THC Bar per total and 15 mg THC per square. Each Bar contains 15 breakable squares that provide a better-suited experience for micro-dosing.

With its lemon cheesecake supernova flavour, this edible is known to have a shelf life up to 90 days before freezing.

The Ingredients

The ingredients in creating Lemon Cheesecake Supernova Bar are cocoa butter, sugar, 100% pure food-grade lemon essential oil, vanilla, whole milk powder, THC distillate extract, cheesecake flavour, glycerin. alcohol, natural and artificial flavours, soy lecithin and yellow food colouring.

The Health Benefits Some of These Provide

Cocoa butter is a type of fat derived from cocoa beans. It contains compounds named phytochemicals, that can provide health benefits to both the body and the skin. Phytochemicals are known to improve blood flow to the skin, therefore slowing down skin ageing and protecting it against damage that UV rays may cause.

Cocoa butter has the ability to hydrate and nourish the skin, improving elasticity, due to being high in fatty acids. This fat can create a protective layer over the skin in order to hold in moisture. It is generally used to help with scars, and other marks on the skin, such as rashes caused by eczema and dermatitis.

Lemon essential oil, being a natural ingredient, is used as a home health remedy. It is reported that it has been used to help with tiredness, depression, killing some harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Some studies show that lemon essential oil can have a potent calming and mood-improving effect while relieving stress. In some cases, it could also reduce anxiety. Some indicators show that diffusing this essential oil has a positive effect on alleviating symptoms of depression. Plus, it can act as a pain reliever as well. It may promote a mental state of alertness, concentration and productivity.

THC distillate is characterized as an innovative product. It has been tested at about 99% pure. This is achieved through the method of distillation and fractionation, through which all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are collected in one final material, without any leftover solvents.

The cannabinoids are the agents that partner up with the endocannabinoid receptors in your body, and they help your brain get into a high state while relieving pain in your body and reducing your anxiety. Terpenes are what give flavour, smell and medicinal properties to the cannabis plant. And flavonoids are the ones that produce distinctive aromas and taste.

Soy lecithin is known for its ability to lower cholesterol, to improve cardiovascular health, to improve digestion. Lecithin contains choline, which according to clinical research, may help patients have a sharper memory, and it may help fight dementia symptoms.

34 reviews for Lemon Cheesecake Supernova Bar by Astro Edibles

  1. Min

    First off. I was a little apprehensive about the taste. BUT OMGOSH DELICIOUS YUM! How do they do it… honestly. I don’t particularly like the taste of THC or CBD but these…. I could INHALE THEM. BUT DONT INHALE THEM. It’s so delicious you have to be careful not to overeat. Take it slow and enjoy the ride. I certainly did.

  2. Tina

    I bought these for a friend of mine who is relatively new to edibles and still learning. She enjoyed the lemony flavour and was able to break it easily into pieces that were within her limit. No potty aftertaste, which is a plus for many people, though I’ve been teased for actually caring what my edibles taste like! This may help with sleep and pain and reducing anxiety. Highly recommended!

  3. Kirsten

    Omg this is delicious 😋 Easy to dose by breaking off chunks. A couple of chunks makes for a very chilled day. Relaxing.
    I have a hard time smoking these days, so the edibles make life easy! I’d recommend this, the lemon taste is gorgeous, go easy tho, it would be simple to eat too much cuz its just so tasty 🍫😎❤️

  4. David

    This is absolutely perfect. The taste is amazing and you can easily choose how high you wanna be depending on how many chunks you eat. Will buy again and again.

  5. Dan

    These were amazing, we had a great time with this

  6. Rachel

    Possibly the tastiest edible I’ve had. Zero weedy flavor. One square makes for a nice relaxing evening.

  7. Raffi

    Love the taste and effects of this chocolate. Has a citrusy cheesecake taste which is very addictive!

  8. Pat

    This bar has the most incredible, creamy lemon taste, a real treat. One square gives me a nice slow buzz, very relaxing.

  9. mathieu

    Very tasty but potent wise,eat the whole thing if you want a real effect.

  10. Dean

    Very tasty, high quality bar. So delicious I have to take my dose and hide the rest

  11. Nicolette

    These are dangerously tasty! Zero weed taste, just taste purely like a lemon white chocolate – definitely keep these safely hidden if you have kids in the house. This one is less potent so I use it for when I just want to have a chill time, and really good for starters just getting into edibles. 🙂

  12. Kirsten

    Omg this is the best chocolate EVER!!!! Tastes absolutely delicious. A couple of chunks guarantees a happy day!!! 🙂

  13. Deryk

    What a fantastic tasting product with outstanding effects 😮!
    You can really taste the Lemon Cheesecake flavor in this Supernova bar by Astro Edibles without the lemon overpowering the cheesecake flavor, so no “lemon overkill” lol.
    Its not too much yet not too little of enough of a glow. I tried it just because I enjoy trying new strains and products to my wife and myself. This one did not disappoint either of us. Eating this product gave my wife great relief from chronic back pain, and fibromyalgia. For me it worked wonders on my chronic back pain as well. And it also gave me a better appetite followed by a great restful sleep.
    Relaxed muscles. Eased joint pain. Put depression and anxiety levels to a nice calm feeling.
    I recommend to everyone, and will continue to do so with family and friends as well.
    Overall I give the Lemon Cheesecake Supernova bar at least a 4 out of 5⭐ rating.
    Will def reorder more of these in the future!! Thank you MMJ 🙏

  14. Tammy

    I bought this lemon cheesecake bar a few months ago and forgot about. I must say the flavour is delicious and would like to eat the whole bar. Guess I could eat the whole bar in one shot but prefer to split up. Gives you a nice high and helps me sleep. I will be purchasing again.

  15. Daniel

    This was decent, but, I personally think it’s kind of a waste to eat it in candy. That said, I’m a bit calorie conscious. Only reason I’m not giving it a 5 star is because of personal preference in that way.

  16. Beth

    THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE EDIBLES EVER! This seriously tastes like lemon cheesecake and has absolutely no weed aftertaste. The high is very much a body high. I was able to go about my vacation while using this without issue. You should try this one

  17. Trevor

    Love this spray! Need a fast little pick me up? Boom, done

  18. Olivia

    This edible won’t last you long if you buy it, the flavor is sooooooo delicious. It’s really hard to have self control because one square makes you want to eat the entire bar. The squares break off easily and it’s easy to dose the right amount. Great to have close to bed.. still can’t believe it tastes that good.

  19. Gail

    This is my favourite. Super yummy and consistent through the bar

  20. Jenn

    Wow. Just wow in terms of flavor! This is a dessert and very difficult to stop at a few pieces if you want a lower dose time. I prefer edibles to smoke if I can get something strong enough to manage my chronic pain from endometriosis. There’s not always a lot of feedback from those suffering from this disease and I hope I can offer some help with what can work well for me. This product was off the charts with flavor and I can’t wait to try more of their choices! I’m so glad I found mmjdirect – please keep stocking these!

    In terms of helping for chronic pain, I was pleasantly surprised how strong only 3 squares hit to take the edge off heavy leg and back cramping and neuropathy issues from endo. If you’re suffering from extreme chronic pain and want to have some seriously delicious comfort food this is it. You won’t regret it, trust me. It’s a given I’ll be ordering more. I always go for gummies never chocolate but now I’m hooked. Thank you!

  21. Steve

    Amazing high. I really enjoyed this chocolate bar. I had it in 3 seatings and got a nice mellow perfect before bed high.

  22. Tyler

    Short version: this is absolutely incredible! Long version: I was looking for some great edibles, and in another review on another product someone suggested this – whoever that person was: THANK YOU. This edible is perfectly dosed, and incredibly tasty. 1-2 pieces was enough for me to feel good, without feeling too over the top. From a taste perspective, absolutely no marijuana taste or aftertaste. It has a refreshing lemon/white chocolate taste. I came back here to order more, when I was presented the option to review it. Better get some before I buy up the stock!

  23. Drake

    To start, I am a huge huge fan of anything with lemon/lime. That being said this was probably the tastiest edible I’ve ever had. Smooth, no hint of the usual weed taste. The lemon is refreshing taste and the creaminess of the bar works very well. The bar even has break lines to make dosing more easy.

    Now, to be fair I am a heavy smoker so the 150mg isn’t very much, however I can definitely see these as being a great little snack. That being said this bar would be perfect for anyone trying to get into edibles. Highly recommended 🚀🌲

  24. Alkistis

    Awesome product – the lemon cheesecake flavour is A and the potency is really up there! A square or two (or more depending on your plans for the night!) is guaranteed to be a wonderful time. Pro tip – throw it in the freezer – the potency stays strong for months and it’s always a good feeling knowing you’re stocked up…

  25. Samira

    So tasty you don’t taste the thc at all which is important to me when it comes to edibles I want it to taste good and not taste like I just ate buds themselves

  26. Vivian

    This bar is super tasty and helps me fall asleep as most edibles do. I need at least 30 mg personally. If you have nightmares and want a dreamless sleep without smoking, this is the way to go!

  27. Krysta

    There is no indication when you eat it that this is anything other than a high quality flavored chocolate. If it were not infused, this would probably be my go- to sweet because it’s so delicious.

    I only occasionally nimble, so a single square (10mg) is usually enough for a pleasant evening. I have the chocolate just before supper so that it will start to take effect when I finish eating. The effect is very pleasant and soft, very relaxing but not incapacitating, so very nice for an evening playing board games or painting. I find it really helps with pain from muscle tension and stress. The munchies are present but not overpowering, so you can have a few snacks but won’t feel the need to clean out your fridge.

  28. Marilyn

    great to reach over when I awake in the night and nibble a piece and off to sleep….

  29. Matthew

    this chocolate bar is 1. very potent 2. most probably the best tasting EDIBLE Ive ever eaten. perfect for body relaxation especially if youre a labor worker and deal with soreness and pain. this is a painkiller in a chocolate bar form. i recommend this to anyone. personally this bar is perfect for 2 sessions of 75mg i only recommend that dosage if youre an experienced veteran smoker

  30. Guillaume

    Very tasty 😀

  31. Colin

    If this was a regular chocolate bar, I would get fat eating too many of them. If you enjoy flavoured chocolate and lemon, this bar is perfect. No taste of weed, great high and easy to control your dosage. Would recommend to newbies and experienced people. You will not regret trying this bar out.

  32. Pilar

    What I love about these chocolate bars is that they are a great size, easy to cut into smaller dosages and their flavour is to the point, quite yummy!

  33. Justin

    I’m new to edibles. This had a great flavour and was easy to dose. Will buy again.

  34. Tracey

    Very pleasant lemony flavour, with a nice head high. Great choice for those new to edibles, with easy dosing due to format. Fairly rapid onset compared to something like a Viridesco concentrate.

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