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Lemon Skunk (Kief) Information

Lemon Skunk Kief is the kind of thing you want in your secret stash for when you’re alone, ready to have some fun. This kief is incredibly potent and fresh, taken from Lemon Skunk strains. Its effects are very uplifting and euphoric, for starters. Your first smoke will bring a state of rejuvenation and energetic invigoration that feels great. Mentally, you’re becoming better and better, even fighting against the effects of depression and anxiety.

What does Lemon Skunk Kief look and taste like?


Kief is made up of resinous cannabis trichomes that generally accumulate in containers where cannabis is being held. They come directly from the plant’s resin glands, which means they’re incredibly potent and flavourful. You may argue that it’s cannabis leftovers, but it’s so much more than that. Especially this Lemon Skunk Kief, which is very pure, very potent, and very tasty. It’s not just any type of kief, but rather high-quality kief taken from prime-grade plants.

In terms of taste, you can expect the same lemon-infused aroma that Lemon Skunk is known for. In fact, you may get an even more intense aroma thanks to the nature of this kief. It comes from the plant’s resinous glands, and due to the accumulation process, it becomes highly-concentrated. So, you can think of this as a double dose of Lemon Skunk, almost. Lemon, skunkiness, earthiness, a sweet and citric aroma, all of that is waiting for you with this kief.

What effects does Lemon Skunk Kief have?


Take it, smoke it, be relieved, go for it again! That’s all you need to know about Lemon Skunk Kief in order to derive maximum pleasure. Once you make a joint and start smoking it, the THC will go straight to your head, and considering that the original strain has 15-22% THC, the effects will be pretty potent. Lemon Skunk is 60% Sativa-dominant, so expect energizing euphoria to take over your mind. It’ll make you happy, giggly, and very sociable all of a sudden.

There’s a heavy dose of physical sedation toward the end, as well. When the high reaches its natural peak, Lemon Skunk Kief will go toward laziness, where everything revolves around relaxation and therapeutic benefits. It won’t be long before your chronic pains disappear, alongside your stress and maybe even migraines. All in all, this kief can help with:

  • Stress
  • Nausea
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pains
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal disorders

17 reviews for Lemon Skunk (Kief)

  1. Shaun

    TASTY terpenes… good value. I personally like to mix or create smoke adventures..flower Kief extracts all together now….. BAKED

  2. Lex

    Alright, this was my first Kief-only adventure. And let me tell you, the journey begins with a zesty zing! 🍋 Introducing the “Lemon Skunk Kief,” a little something that’ll make your taste buds tango and your spirits soar.

    Now, seriously, if you’re on the hunt for a turbocharged boost to your joint, bong, or whatever your creative toking method, this Lemon Skunk Kief is your golden ticket. Add a sprinkle of this to your blend, and you’ll think you’ve turned your session into a THC-powered rocket ship. Of course, the more you add, the stronger the pull. It’s well-balanced; for those who’ve never tried it, I believe it’s a great start. Buckle up, my friends, because you’re about to blast off into the stratosphere of high-dom. 🚀💥

  3. Nyles

    Got this one for a buddy of mine and he was ecstatic. The keif was super light and pungent. Smells a ton of lemon cleaner like a pledge or a Lysol wipe (in a good way) but doesn’t lose out on those earthier tones like some of the high citrus strains I’ve had where they taste good but only get you high for 15-30min.

  4. Raffi

    If you like hash or kief then this is the product for you!

  5. Tom

    Great addition to my smoke to kick it up a bit. I usually sandwich it is between layers of cannabis in my vape, when the strain I bought is a little low in THC. I find that it gives a much fuller body buzz than just straight flowers. The one problem I have with it is, I just forget I have it and it sits in my desk. The original gram I bought I have had for 3 months now. Recommend for anyone with lots of lower grade cannabis that someone wants to kick up.

  6. Tanya

    I really enjoyed this kief. It smells great and is smooth to smoke. You can really see and taste the quality!! Its only a little hard to manipulate due to its powdery form, but in my opinion its a small technical issue that is easily overseable.

  7. ADAM

    I found it okay. A bit rough tasting on its own, but used threw some ice or something it fine. Nose is great, adds very nice to a bottom of the bag reefer!! I would probably buy again, its kind of a right situation thing. I bought it because I do enjoy a big ol hall of kief every once and a while and wasn’t disappointed. Thanks!!

  8. Emily

    smells great, I love the skunkiness

  9. Nicolas

    This is the first time I buy Kief only and this “Lemon Skunk (Kief)” will get you happy if what you are looking for is to have something really strong to add in joints, bongs, etc. With this keif, I guarantee you that you will feel like you’va added a lot of THC in your consommation, which is you will get high asf. The taste of this particular strain is really good and smooth.

    I also tried it directly in my bong, oh well it was so good, tasted good and hit instantly. You will get so energized with this, you have to try this! I give a rating of 5 / 5

  10. Aidan

    I got this Kief as an impulse extra and was pleasantly surprised by its quality. The taste is nice, the high is uplifting and clear. It’s helped me with focus. Very good for the price, it’s lasted longer than I expected.

  11. Guillaume

    i like it, I mix it with weed, it makes strong and tasty joints. good product!

  12. Drake

    Honestly a huge fan of this kief. I especially enjoy using it to give an extra bang to my bowl. Gets you real blasted. This kief is on the drier side however there are still some little rocks. I Honestly prefer the powder makes easier to fine tune your bowl to get the perfect rip.

    This isn’t the strongest kief but that a good thing. This is the kief I turn to if I want a bit less buzz. Such as my first bowl.

    Overall the flavor is pretty good. The lemon is there and there is just enough funk to keep it accessible and the price is great!

    Highly recommend!!

  13. Aniruddha

    Just OK.

    Powder can be a little hard to dose properly.

  14. Frederic

    Highest quality of Kief smoked yet. Tried different websites and this one is by far the most sticky and also works great to make finger hash.

  15. Anna

    Honestly I didn’t really like this Kief as much as the Alien OG. I don’t think I’ll get this kind again. I found it to be kind of harsh.

  16. Ricky

    Absolutely love this keif. Anything skunk is great. I use this keif in a cup of tea. I let this keif sit in hot water for about 10 minutes. Cures all back pains within 30 minutes of drinking.

  17. Devin

    As I got another strain of this no disappointment with either. Glad to have found a site with such bang for buck.💥

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