Mercedes Hash

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Mercedes Hash Information

Mercedes Hash is a high-quality cannabis concentrate that is produced from the cannabis flower. This hashish is considered to be one of the finest and purest concentrates on the market, and it is well-known for its potency, flavour, and aroma. Generally, the potency of a hash can range between 60% and 80% potency, and in some cases even reaching 90% THC content. So the effects of this cannabis hash are hard-hitting.


The dominant taste of Mercedes Hash is a blend of spiciness. You can consume it in a variety of ways, such as sprinkling it onto your joint or eating it as an edible.


The Effects Of Mercedes Hash


Mercedes Hash is a highly potent weed concentrate that delivers heavy-hitting and long-lasting effects. It contains high levels of THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, and it provides users with a strong and euphoric high. This hashish is ideal for experienced cannabis consumers who are looking for a powerful and intense experience.


The production process of Mercedes Hash involves carefully hand-rubbing the finest cannabis buds to extract a fine and sticky resin. This resin is then collected and carefully molded into small blocks of hash. The end result is a dense and compact block of hash that is rich in color and texture.


Mercedes Hash: Aroma and Taste


Mercedes Hash has a rich and pungent aroma that is a mix of earthy, woody, and spicy scents. When smoked, the aroma becomes even more intense, and it provides users with a potent and flavourful experience. The flavour of this hashish is also highly sought after, as it has a unique and distinct taste that is not found in other concentrates.


Mercedes Hash: Looks


In terms of appearance, Mercedes Hash is truly unique, as its dark, black appearance sets it apart from other concentrates. It has a smooth and glossy surface, and it is easy to mold and handle, making it perfect for use in a variety of applications, including dabbing, smoking, and cooking.

14 reviews for Mercedes Hash

  1. Amardeep

    Yo, Mercedes Hash, now that’s some next-level stuff, man! This hash, it’s like the Mercedes-Benz of the cannabis world. Smooth, potent, and hitting you like a luxurious ride. The aroma, oh boy, it’s like a bouquet of bliss. The high? Let’s just say it takes you to cloud nine, dude. The texture, the taste, it’s like a masterpiece, carefully crafted to elevate your mind and soul. If you’re into quality hash, Mercedes Hash is where it’s at. But hey, remember to enjoy responsibly, ya feel me?

  2. dan

    Great go to after a days work.

  3. Jeff

    This is a great product, not only in the taste and effects, but also the texture. It is sticky enough that it can be rolled into very thin ‘snakes’ on parchment paper. Once rolled and placed in a j, it will burn slowly and evenly and bump up the effects of regular herb.

  4. Alexandre

    Tres belle apparance,brule bien en pipe doux mais effet fort et long

  5. Zein

    I’m Lebanon living in Canada, and it’s my first time buying from MMJ, and this hash specifically. The hash itself was easy to use in joints and spliffs, smells absolutely amazing when burning. Had this hash with some papaya herb from MMJ in a joint by the river, and have never been this relaxed. It has a nice relaxing high, perfect for during the day, camping, kayaking and outdoor activities.

    Also had this hash with an indica flower and was ready for sleep in 15mins. Gives joints the kick I need and end up smoking less joints.

    Thank you MMJ, will absolutely order this again and recommend to friends.

  6. Jeff

    Yet another quality product from MMJ Direct. This is a nice smoking hash that isn’t overly strong but still provides a nice buzz. This hash has nice aroma while being smoked and also as a raw product. Mercedes has a very nice texture as well, just about perfect I think quite tacky but not too tacky I guess?Just get yourself some, you’ll understand. Lol. I’d say the buzz is quite manageable and is great for hanging out on the deck enjoying some stars and music. I think the price for the Mercedes is very reasonable and great value.

    Cheers to MMJ Direct for delivering another fine hash at an affordable price!

  7. Rob

    Taste is great. Perfect for my needs while winding down for bed.

  8. Jordan

    This Hash is extremely effective.
    I only need to add a small amount on top of weed to get the desired effect.
    I prefer hash over kief because the hash is slower burning.
    I’m happy to be able to chose a different variety of hash every time I order.
    Never been disappointed with MMJ hash.

  9. Clay

    Okay, I traveled to Nepal and India in the mid 1980’s and fell back in love with hash while stuffing my chillum with Himalayan delights. Mercedes Hash reminded me of those days, days I have not seen since the late 60’s and 70’s when Montreal was Canada’s hub for hashish. Nepalese temple ball, Red and Blonde Lebanese , Black Afghani and more, all rolled out onto the streets of Canada.Fast forward to today, I found this lovely and easy to handle hash burned cleanly through to nice white ash. The smoke was rich, satisfying, smooth, both on inhale and exhale. In fact, this Afghani style hash was by far the best I had tasted in a long while. Kudos BC hash makers!

  10. Manon-Renee

    lol Price but oh so good makes me feel so relax..…my favorite…

  11. Brandon

    This is a decent lower grade hash but it’s worth the money for the price.

  12. Roberto

    Very smooth and decently potent.excellent for the price

  13. Ghislain

    C’est tout simplement l’un des meilleurs hash que j’ai jamais achetés.

    très bon au gout.

  14. Samuel

    Not the strongest hit but really good effect and taste. Quite easy to roll (not too sticky on fingers).
    Nice to mix with herb too.
    Really great value.
    I love good hash and this one will probably be added to my regular list, for usual smoke more than occasional.

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