Moby Dick

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70/30 Sativa dominant hybrid

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Moby Dick Information

Moby Dick is a sativa-dominant hybrid (sativa/indica ratio of 70/30). The Moby Dick strain is created by crossing White Widow, an indica-dominant hybrid, with Haze, a pure sativa. THC levels are high, topping 21% in some tests. CBD values are very low, less than 1%. Thus, making this a poor choice for patients who suffer from conditions that respond to this cannabinoid. The heavy sativa genes create a strongly euphoric, creative high with an upbeat mood. The effects are great in treating depression, anxiety, pain, and muscle spasms. Moby Dick can also alleviate lack of appetite. The overall effect is clear-headed but relaxing. The dominant smell and flavor when smoking Moby Dick is citrusy. This strain also has an earthy lemon taste and a sweet floral aroma. Dry mouth is the most common side effect, along with bloodshot eyes. Paranoia is also possible.

12 reviews for Moby Dick

  1. Deryk

    Goooood shtuff!

  2. Tyler

    Personally one of my favourite strains and the one supplied on this site is very good quality. Beautiful nugs, fruity aroma and great buzz. Would recommend this strain for a relaxing creative high

  3. Jeff

    Nice sativa, good for daytime

  4. Brittany

    It’s alright … not my favourite, or a stand-out, but good enough.

  5. David

    This is my choice for creative inspiration and focus. Fab!

  6. Danielle

    One of the best strains for daytime use. Makes you get super creative and feeling groovy! Aroma is extremely delightful- highly recommend!

  7. Pierrot

    Really intensse smell and buzz

  8. Katherine

    Definitely a new fave, amazing aroma and flavour

  9. Reginald

    One of my favorites

  10. Catherine

    Moby Dick is one of my all-time favourite strains. Great for daytime use and evening inspiration. I find myself more focused, creative and happy after smoking this. Tastes delightful too.

  11. Richard

    Works like it says in description. Nice daytime high

  12. Anonymous

    Sweet fruity smell and taste.

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