Moby Dick

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70/30 Sativa dominant hybrid

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Moby Dick Information

Moby Dick is the ideal strain for the experienced user who wishes to bathe in a day of energy, positivity, euphoria, and happy feels. The high offered by this cannabis strain is nothing short of colossal. This bud offers a massive cerebral boost that will have you buzzing and having fun.


This strain is the proud owner of multiple awards, including “Girls of the Year” award. Moby Dick is the wonderful result of crossing Haze with White Widow and it contains approximately 75% Sativa and 25% Indica. With THC levels that reach as high as 27%, this bud is best suited for daytime use.


A Vanilla Mint Goddess


Moby Dick offers a delightful aroma and flavour profile. Delicious vanilla and a refreshing mint are two of its main aroma and flavour notes. A pleasant amount of lemon can be traced as well, mainly in its taste but not in an overbearing way.


The blending of these notes creates a unique and royal combination, making the use of Moby Dick highly enjoyable for its users.


An Energising And Euphoric High


Moby Dick carries this magical effect that can easily erase negative energy making room for happy feelings and a mental and physical state that feels energised, motivated, and uplifted. The energising high is complemented by a euphoric relaxation that allows you to come alive in creativity and productivity.


This positive cerebral high makes Moby Dick a fantastic strain that can easily combat the effects of stress and depression. It can offer you that boost you need to gain focus and energy to tackle the tasks in front of you. This bud can relieve tension and make way for a state of ease and comfort.


A Strain For Medicinal Needs


Moby Dick provides sedative and healing properties to its users. Those suffering from mood disorders, fatigue, and even chronic stress can find the remedy they need in this marijuana strain. Moby Dick can also alleviate pain and nausea.


This energising Sativa can relieve symptoms of anorexia, arthritis, chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, and much more. As you can see, consuming Moby Dick can make all the difference in someone’s day. But remember its potency and high THC content. If you are still new to the cannabis world and wish to try this strain, start with a very small dosage and, if needed, build up your dosage slowly over time.

14 reviews for Moby Dick

  1. Eric

    Great Sativa
    Fresh and well packaged
    would definitely buy again, keep this one coming MMJ

  2. Rob

    First time trying this strain and it’s pretty good. Has a strong fruity smell. It’s a nice high that’s good for daytime smoking.

  3. Deryk

    Goooood shtuff!

  4. Tyler

    Personally one of my favourite strains and the one supplied on this site is very good quality. Beautiful nugs, fruity aroma and great buzz. Would recommend this strain for a relaxing creative high

  5. Jeff

    Nice sativa, good for daytime

  6. Brittany

    It’s alright … not my favourite, or a stand-out, but good enough.

  7. David

    This is my choice for creative inspiration and focus. Fab!

  8. Danielle

    One of the best strains for daytime use. Makes you get super creative and feeling groovy! Aroma is extremely delightful- highly recommend!

  9. Pierrot

    Really intensse smell and buzz

  10. Katherine

    Definitely a new fave, amazing aroma and flavour

  11. Reginald

    One of my favorites

  12. Catherine

    Moby Dick is one of my all-time favourite strains. Great for daytime use and evening inspiration. I find myself more focused, creative and happy after smoking this. Tastes delightful too.

  13. Richard

    Works like it says in description. Nice daytime high

  14. Anonymous

    Sweet fruity smell and taste.

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