Orange THC Sativa Gummies

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1 gummy per package.

80mg THC from sativa dominant extract.

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Orange THC Sativa Gummies Information

Cannabis gummies have always been a favourite of cannabis enthusiasts. They’re tasty, aromatic, and quite potent in their own right. The Orange THC Sativa Gummies possess an intense orange flavour that gets to your head immediately. The citric aroma combines perfectly with the sweetness of the oranges. The THC concentration is 80mg per pack. Each gummy can be further separated into 8 pieces of 10mg of THC each.

Each gummy is infused with Sativa plant genetics, which leads to a euphoric and energetic experience. As soon as you put one in your mouth and chew on it, the orange aroma will flood your senses. Wait for 40-50 minutes for the effects to begin, and watch out for the euphoric surge! All your negative thoughts and depressive predilections disappear as the happiness envelops your mind.

What do the Orange THC Sativa Gummies contain?

Not all cannabis edibles are as healthy or tasty as these Sativa Gummies. Some of them contain unsavoury chemicals that may cause more harm than good. You don’t want to ingest any of that stuff. Fortunately, the Orange THC Sativa Gummies contain no additives or anything that could put your life in danger. Instead, there’s lots of THC that makes you a happy person!

With these Orange THC Sativa Gummies on hand, you’ll have a night snack ready to put you to sleep immediately. Moreover, these are perfect for when you leave on a trip and want to have some special kind of fun. Medical patients also use these gummies to alleviate symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite loss
  • Insomnia

How do you consume these THC Sativa Gummies effectively?

Each pack contains one tablet worth 80mg of THC. However, the tablet can be divided into 8 equal pieces, each worth 10mg of THC. By doing this, you know exactly how much you’re consuming at any given time, and you can micro-dose your portions. At first, we recommend starting with a 10mg piece to see how your body reacts. Then, you can increase the dose according to your previous experience.

19 reviews for Orange THC Sativa Gummies

  1. Bev

    I have purchased this in the past for my husband who suffers from back pain. He finds that it helps with his pain and he can sleep better also. He also enjoys the taste!👍👍👍

  2. Maryam

    I loved these gummies! I wanted to take a break from smoking to give my lungs a rest for a few days so I opted for these gummies and was very happy with them! A very nice Sativa high, and they also taste great. I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing at once lol perfect to use during the day. They have a nice euphoric high

  3. Cathy

    Our first time using these products , we ordered one sativa one indica edible. We took these ones during the day. Kind of snuck up on us, we started with one square and then added another 1 and a half. Nice bright buzz , made my lips a little numb, as did the indica.

    Got into the flow of the office work I was doing and had an enjoyable, productive afternoon. Found it quite uplifting

    So far we’ve enjoyed 2 out of 2

    Find the price quite reasonable really

    Looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors

  4. Stephanie

    Absolutely Great product, except watch ordering in the summer because they melts

  5. Patrick

    Good flavour, good energy. A little sticky when cutting apart for doses, other than that excellent product!

  6. Connie

    Love the flavour! Great for a relaxer before bed…..slept well and stayed asleep!
    If sticky….put in freezer for a bit and then they are easy to cut into 8 pieces.
    10mg. was perfect for getting a great night’s sleep. So glad I found these.

  7. Stephanie

    These are by far my favorite edible. I usually eat half of a square (5mg) and it gives me a nice chill high while still being able to be social. I’ll have a full dose (10mg) when I’m watching a movie or something that doesn’t require too much attention. The flavor is great too. I’ve tried all flavors and they’re all good 😋

  8. Michael

    The Gummies were an excellent surprise! Gave a great buzz (cut them up to only use half a piece and still felt a good effect) Great Sativa and often get mixed results with edibles, this one has been consistently pleasant. Will order again!

  9. Jamie

    These are great for day time use, long lasting and the taste is amazing !

  10. Armando

    Excellent taste! Balanced high. Long lasting! Definite go too!👍

  11. Rob

    I’ve been a fan of Jelly Bombs for awhile now. If your new to edibles, cut along the lines and take a single piece and wait, or if your tolerance is high just eat the whole thing.

  12. Cadotte

    Excellent product … the taste is magical.. i could eat the whole bag. I really love the sativa feeling. The quality/Price ratio is one of the best on this site … during daytime it is the perfect match, keeping you focus and giving you energy … thank you

  13. Lisa

    Probably my favorite sativa edible! I love taking half per time! Just the best high without feeling « out of control » this is my 3rd time ordering this one ! Recommend thank you mmj !

  14. Alanna

    love the orange

  15. Bruce

    The Orange gummies are a perfect treat for relaxing without falling to sleep.

  16. Mirza

    Good taste and good euphoric effect.

  17. Daniel

    I liked these quite a bit. They taste great, considering I’m not the biggest fan of the weed flavor, so it was nice they had a good flavor.

    They felt fairly potent for being only 10mg, and just provided a good feeling.

    Only negative I’d say was they’re pretty sticky!

  18. Jamey

    My bf loves these right before bedtime to relax and have a good sleep. Great flavour!

  19. Alice

    This product is amazing! Really flavourful and juicy and an hour later, bliss!

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