Stress Less by Osmosis

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Stress Less by Osmosis Information

Whether you choose the 50mg or the 200mg Stress Less, you’re in for quite a therapeutic experience. This product contains Psilocybe Cubensis and other supplemental blends. The maker of this product is Osmosis, a very popular brand in the cannabis-related products industry. If you’ve heard of the miraculous powers of psilocybin mushrooms, then you know why this product is worth every penny!

To buy Stress Less online, you only have to complete the checkout procedure and pay for the product. We’ll ship the package via Canada Post to the address you provide in 2-5 business days at the very most. Though rare, Canada Post might be delayed or s your package in transit. Don’t worry – we can deal with that in the shortest time possible. You just have to contact us as soon as you notice any delivery discrepancies!

How do psilocybin mushrooms work?

Psilocybin mushrooms work by stimulating the 5-HT2A serotonin receptor in the brain. They also increase the transmission of glutamate, the neurotransmitter responsible for cognition. Serotonin is also known as the happiness neurotransmitter, so you’d realize how an increase in serotonin levels might affect you. All in all, this product should make you highly relaxed and optimistic.

Our clients have said that the Stress Less – 30 Pack is perfect for daily use, especially the 100mg option. Apparently, it has helped with keeping tabs on anxiety and depression-related symptoms. In the end, this product should greatly reduce your panic attacks and the intensity of depressive episodes. To increase your wellbeing above its norms, this product should be on the first line of alternative treatment plans!

Can you micro-dose it?

One of the better things you can do with the Stress Less – 30 Pack product is micro-dose it. This allows you to get unique benefits like:

  • Increased consciousness
  • Improved creativity
  • Decreased social anxiety
  • Increasing feeling of presence
  • Alleviated pains and depression

Micro-dosing can act as a form of therapy, and/or to promote an overall feeling of wellbeing and connectedness. However, to do that, you have to buy Stress Less – 30 Pack online in Canada from MMJDirect. You’ve already taken the first steps toward getting your own alternative treatment for therapeutic uses! Now, you simply have to go all the way and checkout.

We’ll guarantee that the payment and shipping procedures are entirely safe and secure. Moreover, we’ll issue a free replacement if Canada Post can’t deliver or has lost the package in transit.


  1. Stephen

    they seem rather effective at keeping dark thoughts and gloomy moods at bay. i’m still on my first course and it’s going very well. haven’t noticed any unpleasant or negative side effects as i would have with pharmaceuticals and it didn’t take over a month to get used to these either. will definitely continue microdosing.

  2. Ron

    I have been taking different meds for depression/anxiety for over a decade with no real improvement. After taking 200mg every 4 days for one month I noticed a real change in my mood. This isn’t a cure for my conditions but definitely has helped to alleviate the symptoms

  3. Benjamin

    I bought these to help with my treatment resistant depression, and started out with 1 pill after lunch. No effect, it was like I hadn’t taken anything at all. I am not a cannabis user at all and this is my 1st bout with psilocybin. I upped the dose the next day to 2 pills, also after lunch, and this time I felt some dizziness but it was not the most pleasant of experiences, no nausea though.
    On day three I also took 2 pills again but this time, after 3hrs, there was no effect at all. Is this the wrong kind of shroom to use for what I’m wanting help with? Any advice is welcome.

  4. Rebecca

    These are life changing! I’ve never felt better. This is dramatic but I used to cry all the time and it seems to have completely balanced my mood and improved my emotional state. I tried the focus ones as well, but the stress less work much better for me.


    Ok, these are just awesome. I’m more productive, more positive, and less hungry – I eat way more appropriately since I started using these. I started making better food choices overall, and these really helped with those choices. My body really only wanted food when I was hungry, which was a totally unexpected effect that led to me dropping 20 pounds and counting. I feel fantastic, and these caps are a huge part of that. Thanks guys!

  6. Amy

    I’ve tried several of these Osmosis bottles and personally I LOVE these the best. It’s pure magic in a bottle. I take about 100 (2) pills and I’ve never felt better. NO stress, you go through the day with easy. Things that would really get me upset seem to roll off my back. No confrontation just calm, collective and your words flow with confidence from your mouth. You’ll definitely enjoy the best sleep around. Order if you have any stress!!! These are # 1 for me!!!

  7. Julian

    Amazing! Felt alot leas stress and anxiety

  8. Taylor

    Absolutely in love with this blend 💜

    Recently new to microdosing and its life changing, if you want to try, this is your sign!

    I feel lighter and less on edge for 2-3 days in between doses. Im more productive work wise.

    Happy microdosing everyone 😄

  9. Jamie

    This product helps with my anxiety and I recommend it to others

  10. Jennifer

    Life changing. thoughts are more fluid. Great to start the day with. I take it every other day. I suffer from ptsd I’m a war vet and these pills make life a lot easier. Makes life more bright and relaxing

  11. John

    For anyone interested in microdosing as a beginner, look no further than the Osmosis products. Battling a brain injury for 3 years with very little progress seen from the escaping the crushing concussion symptoms. However, 8 weeks microdosing this product (100mg once every 3 days) has been a game changer. Changes were seen within a week. Mood increased, depression/anxiety decreased. The ability to handle social situations 4x longer without concussion symptoms crashing down. Game changer!!!

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