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Pacific CBD Gummies Information

Pacific CBD Gummies take consuming CBD easily, conveniently, and discreetly to the next level. These top-quality CBD-infused gummy snacks are designed to deliver your daily dose of CBD with ease and efficiency in a highly delicious way.

These CBD-rich cannabis edibles are crafted by hand in the United States. Their effectiveness and potency are achieved through the use of 99.9% Pure Cannabidiol Isolate. But of course, just because these delicious gummies make your day so much better, it does not mean they are safe for children and pets, so make sure to keep them out of reach.

Great Effects For Pain and Stress

Pacific CBD Gummies are flavourful, colourful, taking on the shape of gummies, sugar-coated candy, worms, and bears. They also come in different sizes, such as 250mg or 500mg CBD per package, but they all have one thing in common – effectiveness. Okay, they also have a delicious flavour in common, so you are definitely in for a great treat all around.

These CBD-infused marijuana edibles are used to help with a variety of different needs. These include physical pain, bodily aches, muscle cramps, headaches, but they are not limited to only offering these medicinal benefits.

Pacific Gummies, besides their pain-relieving properties, can also help:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Decrease levels of stress
  • Boost mood
  • Deliver uplifting and happy feelings
  • Attain a calm and restful sleep

Ingredients and Recommendations

Lab Analysis confirms that each gummy carries 10mg of the highest quality CBD, regardless of which packaging option you choose to buy. Based on the intensity of your needs and your tolerance level with CBD, dosing is key. If you don’t know your tolerance level, then easily test it by starting small and going slow.

Pacific CBD Gummies do not contain the psychoactive agent known as THC that gets you high. So, you can consume them anytime and anywhere – yes, even during a meeting because their discreetness will keep your secret a secret. So, if pain or stress are overwhelming and distracting you, you can address these discomforts instantly and allow their beneficial properties to help you bring your A-game.

You may be wondering about the ingredients present in these marijuana snacks, so here is the list: CBD, gelatin, mineral oil, water, sugar, corn syrup, modified corn starch, wheat, natural and artificial flavours.

8 reviews for Pacific CBD Gummies

  1. Mathieu

    Frankly, I have a hard time determining if any CBD I take is helping or not. I feel it does, with a combination of other things, ultimately it’s doing more of it’s magic behind the scenes. Regardless, these edibles had one of the best tastes I’ve tried. Very true to the sour peach taste. This edible has such great taste and it’s convenient that it’s smaller pieces instead of one big piece for dosage reasons. Anyone looking for potentially health benefits should check this one out.

  2. Georgia

    Great taste, use if for anxiety and relaxing at the end of the day without getting a high.

  3. Ryan

    Great taste, works well. I found these to be of quality. One should always choose quality, these are it.

  4. Victor

    OMG so good! every flavour tastes amazing, my favourite is probably lemon cola. The flavours are super fruity and juicy juicy juicy delicious! I usually take two of these in the evening to help relieve aches and pains and to relax and wind down before sleeping. I love these so much, they taste so good, and in comparison to others, these ones are amazing and one of my top picks because you can’t taste any weird oily or weedy aftertaste, just straight up juicy goodness! 🍑🍓🍇😛😛

  5. Melanie

    Great product. Great price. I use for pain relief and provides all day support.

  6. William

    We love these Peach Sour gummies. They taste great with no aftertaste and are amazing for late night, drift off to sleep.

  7. Belinda

    I purchased the sour watermelon gummies worried that I might get high or feel something strange since I am also on anxiety meds since pandemic. I started by taking half 30 mins before bed while I was tidying up my room and it honestly just relaxed me. I did not feel any sort of high but had such a good night sleep. I went to bed with back pain which doesn’t allow me to find a comfortable spot to actually fall asleep but this no longer bothered me after the candy. I have had up to 1 gummy at night and the sleep is great.

  8. Ricky

    Love these candy’s I purchased grape sour taste just like store bought. Took 2 in morning then 2 at night helps with my anxiety

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