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Runtz Information

Runtz is known to be a 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain with numerous phenotypes. Usually, the THC levels of this weed bud reach the impressive high of 29%, delivering potent, fast-acting, and longer-lasting effects ideal for more seasoned users. With the lineage of Gelato and Skittlez weed strains, this marijuana plant is more than promising.

Runtz carries relaxing properties, oftentimes followed by an increase in appetite. As the high starts to wear off, a sense of sleepiness may lead you into a deeper state of calmness and ease. The overall properties of this weed flower usually help its users to manage stress and anxiety.

Beneficial Relaxing Effects

Runtz offers a comforting combination of euphoria and relaxation, helping its users better manage stressful situations, anxious feelings, and worry-filled thoughts standing in the way of a resting and calming relaxation. The body high of this cannabis strain may ease milder cases of physical aches and pains. As your appetite levels may be elevated, we recommend having some tasty snacks on standby.

Anxiety and depression. The euphoric high of Runtz may help with different mood disorders, including anxiety and depression, helping its users ease into a state of more positive and uplifting feelings.

Stress. The calming qualities of this cannabis flower may be effective in stressful situations that make it hard for you to focus or disconnect in order to enjoy a time of rest and relaxation.

A loss of appetite. Runtz is oftentimes consumed for its appetite-boosting properties. Whether your lack of appetite is caused by nausea, stress, or other factors, the effects of this weed hybrid may be able to be of service.

Lower-level body aches. The relaxing and soothing effects of this marijuana plant may relieve physical discomforts and pains, such as headaches, muscle cramps, and others.

A Strain For A More Complex Palette

The complexity of Runtz when it comes to its aroma and flavour is usually highly enjoyable and satisfying. With its rich palette, you may experience a sweet, sugary taste similar to candies coupled with exciting layers of tropical citrus and woody notes. The infusion of fruitiness and earthiness makes the overall experience with this hybrid an enriching one.

Runtz is usually recommended for more experienced users because of its high potency. Its effects pair well with anything relaxing, such as taking a nap, lounging on the couch for a movie (or a few), or even a spa day. If you opt for a movie marathon, there is a good chance it will end with you falling asleep while the movie is still rolling.

4 reviews for Runtz

  1. Julien

    I absolutely LOVED these Runtz, I ordered multiple ounces of this it was so good! Very smooth tasty inhale and always gave me a solid long lasting high.
    The greatest part of this was how much thick vapour it would produce in my Mighty vape. The session would last 15 minutes sometimes!
    Excellent smoke, highly recommend and can’t wait to buy again when it shows up!

  2. Maude

    When I read that Runtz was the strain of the year 2020, I had to see what all the fuss was about. I ground up enough to half fill the oven of my DaVinci Micro and went to work. It has a fruity aroma with little or no dry-mouth. The buzz snuck upon me however. I was about to complain that I did not feel anything and realized I was talking to myself out loud, a sure sign for me that was impaired. Then I noticed that I was in an incredible mood! The sky was bluer, music sounded sweeter, everything just felt brighter! To me, Runtz is good daytime strain but don’t operate heavy equipment.

  3. Jessie

    The runtz was a very fruity taste and sweet aroma. It was great high good smoke for after work when Its time to mellow out. Will definately purchase this again.

  4. Ryan

    Very impressed by this strain. Buds were sticky with a subtle sweet grapefruit aroma. Smoke was smooth and pleasant on the palette and it’s effects were very therapeutic.
    Runtz is as near a perfectly split hybrid as I’ve ever tried. Initially the high is uplifting and almost trippy. Later the high moves into your body, calming and relaxing your muscles and nerves. The third step involves food and naps.
    Would definitely recommend Runtz for anyone looking to relieve anxiety, depression, constipation or minor aches and pains.

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