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Gemmies by SeC Information

What are Gemmies, you ask? They are quality-grade cannabis edibles. Gummies, in other words. Each pack contains about 7 gummies, each infused with 5mg of THC in its purest form. The manufacturer, SeC, believes in sourcing only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients for their products, hence the great tasting Gemmies. Nowadays, there are many cannabis edibles suppliers out there.

However, SeC strives to be the best, and it certainly makes progress toward that goal by creating organic and all-natural products. These Gummies are solvent-free and lab-tested. This means the high you’ll get from these edibles is clean and highly effective.

What do these edibles do to you?

Besides the great taste and soft texture, you should buy Gemmies online in Canada simply because they may bring great therapeutic benefits. Cannabis, as you might know, has psychoactive effects revolving around relaxation, tranquility, physical sedation, euphoria, and more.

The same can be said about these Gemmies. After eating one of these gummies, you may feel better with yourself, psychologically speaking. The first sign that the effects have kicked in is the surge of euphoria possessing you. You’ll feel uplifted and joyful for no apparent reason.

Then comes the cerebral buzz that should relax your body entirely, even putting you in a slightly sedated state. Combined with the excellent taste, there’s nothing you could wish for more than relishing in this aftertaste for a few hours.

A few of our clients have also mentioned how these Gemmies are also perfect for microdosing. You should take one at a time because you’ll still want to be productive when working.

How to buy Gemmies online in Canada

The most important question our clients have is this one – “Is it safe to buy Gemmies online?” The answer is an inevitable yes, both in terms of our payment method and shipping procedure. Canada Post will discreetly bring your package in 2-5 business days at the very most.

30 reviews for Gemmies by SeC

  1. Clay

    These little bite-sized gems from SeC Edibles might get stuck in your teeth. Sour kick, mild effects– these little gemmies are the perfect introduction to cannabis edibles for those new to the game and are a great micro dose for those with THC sensitivities. Every bag comes with 7 delicious candies that pack 5mg of THC per piece so you can easily dose and control your cannabis edibles experience. Enjoy these SeC bite-sized sweets daily (or nightly) and let the light buzz begin!

  2. Eric

    These are some of the best tasting gummies I’ve ever had. They do have that “weed” flavour, but it actually enhances the other flavours of the gummy. I got them when I was first starting my cannabis journey, so they’re a little weak for me now, but a fantastic product for those just getting into marijuana.

  3. Josh

    Absolutely love these! They’re a perfect strength for popping to pregame a party. One hour later, the fun starts. I really enjoy the use of citric acid to give the sweetness a tart finish. Honestly cannot even taste a hint of mj in the flavor, which is a first when it comes to any edibles I’ve ever tried.

  4. gerald

    The taste and texture of these was a little disappointing in comparison to the other edibles I’ve tried.The only advantage I can see is that they’re already divided into smaller doses.Won’t order these again ,but might try the rose buds by SeC which offer a much better price per mg.These do however still pair nicely with a few shots of good scotch!

  5. Christina

    Great taste, not too strong, relaxing high

  6. Beth

    These are great little edibles for beginners. You can take your dose and adjust easily by taking 1, 2 , 3 or more. The high is pretty typical and lasts fairly long. They also taste good, but that’s just bonus points.

  7. Erika

    Great mellow high. I love these gummies because they taste great and hit you gradually and smoothly. If you don’t take a lot of edibles, these are a great one to start with because of their low dosage.

  8. Sarah

    These are so good!! They remind me of gushers and I love the sour taste.
    Great for beginners, a daytime buzz or if this just need a little top up!!

  9. Michelle

    I like that they are a little sour and not to high in THC. They have a nice flavour and give a nice buzz. These are definitely a favourite of mine.

  10. Gail

    I like the 5mg size and the taste. Gives me a light buzz but I still function well. 57 year old female.

  11. Tim

    Great for a mild High. As always very satisfied with the delicious flavour. If you’re looking for something stronger than eat the whole pack haha.

  12. Michael

    Tried these on Halloween 🙂 very good effect. They taste very similar to Gushers and are quite sweet as well. I could have easily eaten the whole bag but I think one to two provided a very good evening.

  13. Jonathan

    My only complaint about these is if its hot outside they will melt and come all stuck together in a blob. After a few days in the mail. Good for someone trying edibles for the first time or looking for a low dosage.

  14. Giulia

    The taste is soooo good! And it’s perfect for beginners!

  15. Adam

    Great mellow buzz. Perfect for getting creative and keeping focused.

  16. Brennan

    The flavours were on point and the high was enjoyable. They look like they’d have the texture of a gusher but it’s definitely more gummy bear-like. If it’s your first time trying gummies as edibles, maybe try one to start. Be warned though: you’ll want more.

  17. Alex

    great taste felt pretty good ate the whole pack

  18. Chloe

    These are my favourite edibles! Love the small dosage so you can continue to smoke on them or take another if you want more of a high, and they are the best edibles in terms of consistency!

  19. Jamey

    Great taste. Good if you just want to have a relaxing time.

  20. Amber

    Oh thank goodness these are back in stock! I have been looking almost everyday so I could order more. Do yourself a favour and give these a try.

  21. Jason

    Yummy in my tummy. Great for a low dosing kinda day.

  22. Kiyoshi

    Great tasting low-dose gummies. Good choice for beginners looking to start out small.

  23. Danielle

    These are my favorite. I keep coming back to these. I can only handle 5-10 mg at a time and I love the gentle buzz I get from these.

  24. Ross

    Very impressed with the versatility of this product. Can use them anywhere and stay productive!

  25. Jad

    L-o-v-e it I love the shape and colours

  26. Asha

    These are my favorite. I can’t take high dose thc so these are perfect if I just want a mellow high 🙂 and they’re delicious!

  27. Ralph

    This is a great product for 1st time users. The buzz is not too strong, just enough to enjoy your buzz!

  28. Alexander

    Excellent product for micro-dosing. Perfect for when you want to be productive. Don’t take more than one at a time!

  29. Mathieu

    These taste really good and the buzz is perfect when you still want to be active . Be careful though, don’t eat them all

  30. Brooke

    I like these for when I still want to be productive and do things around the house. Gives a nice little buzz with the lower THC count.

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