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THC Gummy Drops

(16 customer reviews)

$18.00 $15.30

10 pieces x 10mg

100mg THC per pack



Premium distillate infused gummy drops that taste great.

Each pouch contains 10 pieces.

They’re great for micro-dosing.

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Lactic Acid, Flavouring, Colour, MCT Oil, THC Distillate

16 reviews for THC Gummy Drops

  1. Jesse

    Tasted great and perfect amount of potency.

  2. Andraya

    I need more then two, but Keep in mind that I smoke a lot! Blueberry flavour was great!

  3. Seyedeh

    Nice taste. 2 worked the first time but took 3 moving forward. Kicked in about an hour or 2 after taking

  4. Laura

    I’m new to cannabis edibles. One did nothing and two was too much.
    Trying to find the in between

  5. Jen

    I usually take 2 and feel quite nice. I really enjoy the blueberry flavour also!

  6. Dustin

    A straight up good distillate gummy! 1 piece is good for me to get comfy 🙂 I had Cherry and the taste and effects are great.

  7. Michael

    Great flavor, very convenient.

  8. Kathleen

    Really beginning to get familiar with the edibles. Enjoyed these sour cherries very much, I take 1.5 and I’m very comfortable. I will purchase these again. Kathleen

  9. Winstonite

    Tastes great, and effective!

  10. Daniel

    These taste great, but I find them to have a little bit weaker effects than some other gummies, which is why the 4/5.

  11. Michael

    Great way to monitor your intake and gauge your level of buzz, awesome taste

  12. Brooke

    I love using these for microdosing, nice little buzz! Cherry tasted great, haven’t tried blueberry yet!

  13. Michael

    Cherry gummies are quite good. I usually take 2-3 of these at a time.

  14. Jonathan

    Great gummies. 2 at a time is the best way!

  15. Clement

    Great product! Convenient, potent, and the blueberry flavour is awesome!

  16. Anonymous

    I favour the cherry’s.

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