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Transkei Envy is a new breed of magic mushroom coming from the Wild Coast of South Africa. Its potency is renowned in the region, and even across the world. Especially, this strain provides incredibly hallucinatory effects such as dancing lights, creepy fractals and other geometric forms, and more. The psychedelic effects will make even the most tried consumer gasp in surprise at some of the things you’ll see. Try it and you’ll see for yourself!

The therapeutic benefits are another reason why Transkei Envy is recognized as one of the best magic mushrooms in the world. The scientific community has made a couple of advanced regarding the study of psilocybin and its benefits on the human health. This magic mushroom can halt the onset of anxiety and depression, treat chronic pains and aches, and also help you manage fatigue and stress. In other words, a single dose of magic mushrooms will benefit you in multiple ways.

What are the effects of Transkei Envy?


Magic mushrooms are widely recognized as the most surprising psychedelic substances in the world. Some of them are extremely potent, and Transkei Envy is one of those. If you take it in a large enough dose, the visual hallucinations will overwhelm your mind. You’ll see:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Fractals
  • Dancing lights
  • Fictional beings moving about
  • Potential extradimensional beings

That’s not all, though. Just like Golden Teachers, Transkei Envy promotes a feeling of connectedness between the user and the outside world. You feel like you belong in your environment. It’s as if a bind is established between you and the Universe. It feels weird, yet pleasant at the same time. This may come with a bit of time dilation, synesthesia, and other psychedelic effects. In terms of therapy, Transkei Envy is particularly proficient at treating anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms.

What’s the most effective way to consume Transkei Envy?


For starters, this mushroom is quite potent, with its purple sporulation and brownish cap. The golden patterns and white stalk look entirely natural and innocent. Though, a high potency hides behind that innocence. We recommend starting with a low dose, about 0.5-1 grams in the beginning. That’s so you can build a solid tolerance level that won’t let you down when you ingest more mushrooms. If the hallucinations become too strong, it means you aren’t prepared enough. A larger dose goes up from 1 gram all the way to 2.5 or even 3 grams.

Though, you may want to try to microdose Transkei Envy. Microdosing implies the ingestion of subperceptual doses of a psychedelic substance so you don’t experience the psychedelic effects. Instead, you’ll experience a transformative journey, where everything about you becomes a bit better. You become more focused, your mood improves, your performance levels are higher, and so on. With Transkei Envy, you can definitely microdose effectively!


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