Tuna Rockstar (Mediums)

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Tuna Rockstar (Mediums) Information

Tuna Rockstar contains 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, and it offers high THC levels that usually range between 19% and 26%. This cannabis strain came to be by crossing Rockstar with Tuna Kush. The aroma of this weed bud usually delivers a strong pungent scent of fish, herbs, and spicy grapes. The taste is somewhat sweeter with notes of sweet grapes, spicy herbs, and earthy skunkiness.


Tuna Rockstar offers a heavily relaxing body high that may help with chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia. The first couple waves of its high, you may be comforted by uplifting euphoric feelings that allow your mind to relax with your body. It is very unlikely that you will be able to focus on tasks during the high of this marijuana, so plan on some tasty snacks and a movie time before a possible couch-lock and long-night sleep step in.


An Uplifting And Sedative Relaxation


Tuna Rockstar delivers a happy and relaxing high, ideal for a lazy evening at home curled up on the couch with some tasty snacks, a great movie, and maybe some great friends too. The heavy body high of this cannabis bud and the unfocused but happy mental high may help ease anxious thoughts, while the relaxing body high is known to help with pain and other physical discomforts.


Chronic pain and other discomforts. Tuna Rockstar can usually treat chronic pain and inflammation, easing physical struggles such as muscle spasms, cramps, headaches, back pain, and more.


Appetite loss. The uplifting and stimulating effects properties of this weed strain usually elevate appetite levels, whether the loss of appetite has been caused by nausea or chronic stress.


Chronic stress. The deeply relaxing and happy high of Tuna Rockstar may provide a comforting sense of tranquillity that could easily relieve symptoms of chronic stress.


Insomnia. Because the high of this cannabis plant is generally deeply relaxing and calming, these may help you get into a sleepy state leading to a restful sleep.


A Pungent Aroma


The smoke of Tuna Rockstar is pungent. Some describe it as rotting fish coupled with herbal and skunky notes wrapped in a sour, spicy, and sweet aroma blend. The taste of this marijuana strain is somewhat sweeter with fruity and sweet grape notes coupled with a skunky, sour, and spicy twist.


Because Tuna Rockstar is a heavy Indica with some batches offering high THC levels that result in more intense effects, we recommend this bud for more experienced users at the end of the day.


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