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VVS Recovery Stick Information

Did you need a new deodorant stick but didn’t know what to get? The VVS Recovery Stick rises to the occasion, acting as the perfect deodorant stick. Of course, it not only makes you smell better but also heals your body through the rich CBD concentration. This recovery balm contains 99% lab-tested CBD and other natural, toxin-free ingredients. This Recovery Stick will alleviate your inflammation, joint aches, muscular pains, and more.


You may want to improve your quality of life if you suffer from chronic pains, fatigue, or other debilitating conditions manifesting in pain. In this case, try the new VVS Recovery Stick! This manufacturer uses prime-grade ingredients that they test in a lab for purity, quality, and safety. Everything that goes into this Recovery Stick is organic and has proven therapeutic potential.


What are the effects of the VVS Recovery Stick?


This roll-on stick provides ample therapeutic relief with a simple touch. Just apply it on your skin, then wait for the effects to kick in. Soon, you’ll feel that portion of your body becoming warmer and number to the pain. Depending on your problem, it may take longer for the CBD to alleviate your symptoms. Though, at the peak of the experience, your symptoms should have vanished.


The perfect way to ease your pain with efficiency, the VVS Recovery Stick has no undesirable side-effects. It contains no THC, so it’s not psychoactive at all. You won’t run the risk of becoming muddle-headed or addle-minded after applying this Recovery Stick. All the effects are directed toward your body and your medical symptoms. You may have a sprain or a stiff joint, both of which are causing you a great amount of pain. Applying the VVS Recovery Stick should relieve the pain substantially.


How do you apply the Recovery Stick efficiently?


Unlike other tinctures, this Recovery Stick doesn’t have a recommended dosage. Apply it liberally, since there are 50g of Recovery Stick left to use! This product contains no less than 300mg of CBD and no added supplements. Even if you don’t pay attention to the dosage, this VVS Recovery Stick will still last you long enough to improve your quality of life substantially.


This product can help you take back control over your body, by relieving you of mild and even severe pains. Your aching muscles, sore skin, and stiff joints may be a sign of arthritis or other medical conditions. Medical patients have reported ample benefits from the VVS Recovery Stick, even in more severe situations.

24 reviews for VVS Recovery Stick

  1. Josie

    Wow talk about direct relief at exactly the right spot. I have soar feet and ever night before I go to bed I rub my feet with this wonderful product and instantly my feet stop hurting and I manage to sleep soundly and peacefully. Anywhere pain pops up this stick gets to work right away offering instant relief. I would not go without it. A stick can last me up to 3-4 months so the price for this is amazing! Thank you VVS for you amazing attention and care you put into your products. This customer appreciates it very much and would recommend 100%

  2. Samuel

    I got this for my mum and I think she liked it. It genuinly helped her pain. I used it once and noticed a difference

  3. Mike

    I was skeptical that a topical like this would actually work, but my wife was having a muscle pain above her hip so we ordered one to try. She applied the recovery stick and felt definite relief from the soreness. We are both impressed, so much so she recommended this stick to her mother who also has muscle pains.

  4. Lisa

    I suffer from arthritic feet and have been suffering with plantar fasciitis since March. I also have lupus so pain is just something I live with.
    I continue to exercise in pain daily.
    I purchased this stick after trying many high grade medical sticks.
    I find using the CBD is great for a bit of numbing of the severe attacks after Pilates and walking.
    It’s long lasting and smells great.
    Packaging is beautiful which is nice, just not necessary as I believe it adds to the price.
    Excellent product!

  5. Christine

    What a amazing product love it. My leg and feets hurt me daily with this wow what a difference. Recommended 1000000%

  6. Corry

    I swear by this product. VVS Recovery Stick is the “BOMB” This stuff works for all types of pain relief. My husband uses it everyday on his knees and feet. I use it for my neck and back. I have now purchased for other family members and everyone loves it. I feel relief within 10 mins of having it on my neck and back. My mother in law finds it very easy to use, as it’s like a deodorant that you roll on. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!!!

  7. Talia

    Love, love, love this stick. My body takes a daily beating at work as my job is very physical. Arthritis in my hands making it near impossible to grip anything. And the elements working outside completely leave my hands dry and cracking. I had previously had a positive experience using CBD oil to calm extremely dry delicate skin around my eyes, nothing else I tried worked. This stick does triple duty for me. Soothes painful dry skin while relieving my arthritis pain which lowers my stress and tension levels allowing me to reduce or eliminate other medications that I would take to deal with anxiety and insomnia. I’m buying 3 more right now. Super fast absorbing, great smell, long lasting relief and affordable. I want to give it 10 stars.

  8. Jo-anne

    Just arrived today. Rubbed some on my arthritic shoulder. I immediately felt the warmth and slow numbing of my shoulder. It has a pleasant fragrance only slight detection of cannabis. Very handy for short or long trips, just throw in your handbag,pouch,backpack whatever. I expect that storing in the fridge is best to maintain consistency. I am putting mine in the freezer o/n so it won’t melt when I go walking tomorrow.
    I have tried many tinctures and balms and creams purporting to contain sufficient CBD to have medicinal properties. NOT TRUE.
    The high level of CBD contained in the Recovery Stick is medicinal strength!!❤️🙏

    Highly recommend, will purchase again!👌🏿

  9. Kim

    This has been the best thing I have found to help with instant pain and inflammation. The smell isn’t overpowering and I was able to wear it all day working in a medical office and not one person complained or made mention of the smell. That’s a win in my eyes! I have both of my parents using it and they love it as well.

  10. Lisa

    I really like this product was the first topical that I’ve tried that I’ve actually felt the effects from. I very sore knees and wrists and ankles and it helped me greatly. Highly recommended

  11. Samantha

    I love this balm! I love the minty/slight menthol smell and really does help with pain relief. I was experiencing issues sleeping because of neck pain and this has helped immensely, without the need to take additional over-the-counter pain killers which can be hard on your liver and kidneys if taken long term.
    I also really like that it is a roll-on and not a lotion, so no mess.

  12. Amiee

    I love this stuff. I use it on my sore back instead of taking pills all the time.

  13. Hélène

    love this product. will buy again as soon as it available.

  14. Sidney

    One of the best rub ons for ache and pain relief.Please note I found that best results occur when used every day.wash hands after use as painful if eye contact.

  15. Darren

    I have recommended this product to all of my family and friends that suffer with pain whether chronic or daily stresses. The creamy mixture glides over your body not skipping any spot of the skin requiring soothing. It works fast.

  16. Daniel

    This product is amazing… easy to use. I have cancer in my spine and use this regularly to soothe and ease any tightness or pain. Highly recommend!
    The only thing that would make it better if it were possible to buy a re-fill and re-use the container.

  17. Samuel

    Really help with muscle pain and relax! Love it!

  18. Shirley

    I like the recovery stick for my arthritic pain. I also like it’s in a stick for easy application

  19. Belinda

    I love this recovery stick. I get lots of tension pain on my legs and neck area. I roll on the stick to areas with pain and within minutes I feel some immediate relief. I use quite often before bed. I highly recommend.

  20. Darren

    I didn’t know what to expect and the VVS Recovery Stick works better than Voltarin Deep Rube to soothe my aching muscles after the gym. My wife has suffered from fibromyalgia for 20 years and this product provides relief. The scent and ease to spread over the skin is just perfect.

  21. Marie

    This stick is amazing to sooth sore muscles. Easy to apply and smells great! My husband is waiting for a hip replacement and this product provides some relief in his problematic area.

    I have also used this VVS Bomb Recovery Stick when my neck feels tight, which seems to release tension. If you are looking for an easy application and muscle relief, this stick is for you. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  22. Amber

    The scent is really great and it’s so soothing after a workout.

  23. Afua

    This is amazing! I used it for my fibromyalgia pain and within minutes I felt my pain melting away. I’m ordering a second just to keep an extra on hand 😂 I’d definitely recommend you buy this

  24. Brandon

    I bought these with my shoulder pain in my mind and oh man do they ever work! I love the design and use of the package, and it smells very good. works well for any sort of muscle pains and such. I use it daily and love it. definitely recommend these to anyone. the price is very good compared to other sites ive checked as well

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