Is Vaping Safe

Is Vaping Safe? How to Spot a Good Vape?

Just recently, ‘vaping’ got a bad rap due to the consequences of ‘fake’ products or lesser quality goods. Meaning, that black market products actually caused harm to those who were using the knock-offs which gave ‘good’ vapes a bad name.

Which is a shame, since vaping cannabis extracts can be the purest way to consume versus any other method. So, now vaping is on a crusade to clear its name. In today’s market, there are a plethora of top-quality vaping products that allow you to harness THC at potent levels, in a discrete and convenient fashion. Here we’ll go in-depth into the world of vaping, how to spot a ‘bad’ vape from a ‘good’ vape and some of our favourites available for purchase, now. 

Benefits of Vaping

Benefits of Vaping

It’s a good thing that the market is increasing safety assurances for vaping, since there are a plethora of benefits that cannabis consumers love. Including the following specific perks, just to name a few:

  • Low odour 
  • Discrete and convenient 
  • Easy to travel with 
  • Widely available

On the flip side, some are nervous to try vaping due to the bad press they’ve recently received. Plus, with a high price tag in comparison to other goods, some consumers aren’t sure if vapes benefits outweigh the unknowns. In Canada, as of April 2020 over 15 cases of vaping-associated lung illnesses were reported. But luckily, no deaths. To continue on this positive path, it’s best to educate on how to decipher a ‘bad’ vape from a ‘good’. We’ll cover those traits, next. 

What Makes a ‘Bad’ Vape? 

At one time, bad vapes weren’t so uncommon. In just 2019, NBC News found 10 out of 10 fake THC carts products contained hydrogen cyanide. A quite harmful pesticide ingredient that can cause anyone’s health harm. So here’s what to look for when making sure your vape, isn’t a ‘bad’ one. 

  • AdditivesBlack market vapes often use additives to make the vape cart the right colour, or consistency. Check the list of ingredients to ensure there is no Vitamin E Acetate, or other unnatural materials that seem ‘off’. Like Vegetable Glycerin, Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol. These agents are actually FDA approved which is tricky, but not for inhalation. 
  • FungicidesMyclobutanil is a fungicide that’s often found when testing bad vape carts. It’s a chemical used when growing non-compliant cannabis flower, and can be harmful when inhaled. In fact, upon heating the chemical like you would in a vape cart – it transforms into the poisonous gas, hydrogen cyanide. 

How to Check For a ‘Good’ Vape 

Any reputable distributor or retail storefront wouldn’t be caught dead selling bad vapes, nowadays. So, that’s the first place to start when purchasing a good vape. Make sure you trust your ‘dealer’ or online source, like MMJDirect. Between the product descriptions, or the specific brand or manufacturer’s website you should be assured on ingredients and/or testing results too. These reports will verify a third-party lab’s testing, and the absence of harmful chemicals, additives, fungicides, etc. 

Our Favourite Vape Products

Best Vapes

Of course, some vaping products just stand out amongst the rest. For flavour, potency, strain or effect selection and other factors that prove to be more ideal than others for cannabis consumers. With the amount of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ vape products on the market still today, it’s hard to decipher which to choose. Here we’ve compiled our list of a few favourites to get you started on your good vape cart, or vape pen search. 

Daily Pen CO2 Oil Carts

Daily Pen CO2 oil carts is a premium vape cart product based upon strain selection choice alone. The high-quality vaping product comes in over 15+ strains that are widely recognizable. Including CBD rich strains like ACDC and Harlequin, and THC favourites like Gorilla Glue and OG Kush. No matter what genetics you choose, you’ll be treated to the smooth inhales of oil that’s extracted with the prestigious CO2 process. 

HTFSE Vape Sauce Carts

For flavour, it doesn’t get much better than HTFSE vape sauce carts. Why? Because HTFSE stands for high terpene full-spectrum extract meaning you’re treated to the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes a strain has to offer. This type of cart uses a precise and intricate extraction method that best harnesses the full flavour that cannabis flower can produce. You’re treated to 95%+ THC with the specific effects of some of your favourite strains. 

Bob’s Cartridges

Bob’s Brand of vape cartridges is our most cost-effective vaping oil. The brand is more affordable than most while still delivering a premium product. The vape carts are free of the harmful Vitamin E Acetate, and come in a wide range of strains for varied effects too. Even more convenient, are Bob’s pen kits that provide a fitted battery for an all-in-one vape cart experience. 

Onli Flowers CO2 Carts

You can tell by Onli Flowers CO2 Carts’ packaging alone, that you’re getting a top-shelf vape cart. The premium brand boasts the purest extractions of some of the market’s favourite strains. Like Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Banana Kush, the coveted Girl Scout Cookies. The vape carts feature no additives, and are a pure product extracted from their high-quality grown flower. The full-spectrum extract delivers on potency, and most of all, flavour. 

Puff, Puff, Pass the Purity of Cannabis 

Now that you know the facts…you know there’s a plethora of good vape products, that are as pure as pure can be for consuming cannabis. As the legal market slowly weeds out the unsafe, un-licensed vape products, it allows the high-quality ones to become even more popular than ever.

While cannabis vape pens and products might be costly for some, some things are just worth the cost. Just remember, you’re getting to experience the essence of cannabis potency, and taste, in a handy, easy to conceal package. For all of your cannabis vaping needs, look no further than our extensive collection at MMJDirect.