African Transkei Toadstools

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African Transkei Toadstools Information

African Transkei Toadstools are the perfect magic mushrooms – small, compact, highly-concentrated, and ultra-potent. While this is a strain based on the African Transkei mushroom, its shape is quite different. It looks like a toadstool and it grows in compact groups, with a smaller size than most other magic mushroom strains. Due to the small and compact size, African Transkei Toadstools are more potent than ever before, leading to crazy psychedelic experiences.

What do African Transkei Toadstools look like?


One major difference between the African Transkei Toadstools and other magic mushrooms is its compact and smaller size. You can think of this shroom as growing in small groups of 7-8 specimens. They’re very wrinkled, just like African Transkei, with a brown cap and shades of purple and blue dotting the stalk. That’s a sign of the high concentration of psilocybin, which is just good.

The visual impact is excellent, considering that most magic mushrooms are a bit bigger and even majestic in some cases. These ones look just like the wrinkled and evil-looking hottest Mexican peppers you’ve seen. You know they have nothing good in mind from the moment you see them. The purple patterns can spread from just beneath the cap all the way to the bottom of the stalk. Severe wrinkles can also be seen on the cap when dried out.

What are the effects of African Transkei Toadstools?


Psychedelia and psychoactive effects are the bread and butter of African Transkei Toadstools. You’ve never consumed such potent mushrooms before. Due to their small size and compact structure, their psilocybin levels are off the charts. You can expect a nice wave of euphoria enveloping your mind, calming down your worries and depressive thoughts. Then, you’ll feel motivated and more energetic as the hallucinations dawn over you. They’re quite intense and vivid, with nothing to differentiate them from reality. You can also expect:

  • Synesthesia
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Time warps
  • Ego dissolution
  • Spiritual experiences
  • Profound connectedness to nature
  • Dancing lights and fractal surfing

If that were all, then African Transkei Toadstools wouldn’t be this good. Now, the therapeutic effects come galloping forward. As you may know, psilocybin is best used to treat treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, cluster headaches, migraines, insomnia, and even some cancer symptoms. These Toadstools are stronger than most magic mushrooms thanks to their heightened levels of psilocybin. One experience with these toadstools equals the intensity of two psychedelia experiences with other shrooms!

9 reviews for African Transkei Toadstools

  1. Sunny

    African Transkei Toadstools magic mushrooms are a truly mesmerizing and awe-inspiring psychedelic experience. As a seasoned explorer of consciousness, I was captivated by the unique and potent effects of these mushrooms. The visuals were incredibly vivid, taking me on a journey through a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that seemed to transcend the boundaries of reality. The introspective nature of the experience led me to gain valuable insights into my own thoughts and emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. The connection to nature and a profound sense of unity with all living beings was profound, leaving me with a lasting appreciation for the interconnectedness of life. However, I must emphasize the importance of responsible use and a safe setting, as these mushrooms can be intense and should be approached with respect and caution. Overall, African Transkei Toadstools magic mushrooms offer a profound and transformative journey for those seeking a deeper connection to their inner selves and the mysteries of existence.

  2. Ryan

    I had a nice little trip with these guys last summer, i didnt have many visuals after eating 3.5 grams but the body high was nice. The head space wasnt to intense, so i think they would be good for beginners. Ive had a few transkei “hybrids” and they were crazy so i dont doubt things could get weird at higher doses, i however just got 3.5. If i were to get them again id probably take 5-7 grams. Overall the trip was good and the mushrooms were in nice shape upon arrival.

  3. Jordan

    I’ve tried a few different varieties now and I can say I’m quite impressed with African Transkei.
    I take a microdose of this one with any other variety of psylosibin and it always gives me a trip that is predictable and comfortable as long as the dosage isn’t too large.
    Also the look of these is really interesting they’re so short and stubby compared to any other varieties I’ve had.
    Definitely try this kind!
    Thanks MMJ!

  4. Brett

    Really dense. and a really good high

  5. Guillaume

    this is the most concentrated mushroom I have tried, they are small, hard and very clean. they give me the desired effect! I will buy them again!

  6. Austin

    Product looks too good to be true no crumbs in the bag fast shipping and also received stickers will order again fire 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍

  7. Kirsten

    I mix these with other types of mushrooms and microdose them because I am a grouchy person.

  8. Alex

    Let me start by saying that this is my 7th time ever taking mushrooms, and the last time I dosed was 2g of Blue Goba Premium… That stuff was grown on another planet man wow, sent me down the rabbit hole. I ordered 3.5g of the Toadstools and received 3.7 (Bless up MMJ!). I decided to take the .07 today, and I honestly think this could be a strain that I micro-dose regularly. My mood and energy was uplifted less than an hour after consumption. I can’t exactly give this strain a fair rating until I’ve tried 3g, like I did with their Penis Envy (Which is excellent). All I can say is that I wasn’t expecting .07 to do much to me, but I was wrong and it was a nice surprise. I am going to do another review of this strain after I try 3g in one go, but for now I am leaving this review for those who might consider MD’ing this strain. I sincerely hope MMJ can keep it around cause the bag appeal is great, chewed up decently and is very well priced. I went in with low expectations and truly didn’t want to experience any visuals today, I got EXACTLY what I wanted for a nice chill day off .07g. Thank you very much MMJ, I am referring everyone I can to this gem of a website. Quick and discrete shipping, product value has always been on point!

  9. Patrick

    The Toadstools were decent. I found these mushrooms to be gorgeous. They totally did look like toadstools. Nice round caps with the fat-bottom stems. I sure liked the look of them. The taste, well, the taste was totally rotten. The buzz itself though, it was very uplifting and happy. No visuals, but alot of laughs and nonsense. These mushrooms were wonderfully social and would have been fantastic for camping or even a rock festival or something. Wicked fun, I think sums these up. If you’re looking for a head trip or visuals, these aren’t for you, but if you’re looking a a socially good time, hit these shrooms!

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