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Blackberry (Kief) Information

Blackberry is a well-balanced cannabis hybrid with about 50/50 Indica/Sativa content. In comparison, the Kief version of this weed bud can offer THC anywhere between 50% and 80%, in some cases even 99%. Kief is extremely potent as it is a marijuana product of pure THC trichomes. Trichomes are the plant’s most potent element containing the highest cannabinoid volume.


Because Blackberry Kief provides its users with the weed’s isolated trichomes, the high is intense, delivering potent pain-relieving, mood-boosting, and energetic effects. The fast-acting high of this cannabis product is recommended for well-experienced users.


Well-Balanced Beneficial Effects


Because Blackberry Kief is made from a well-balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa, the high of this weed product delivers potent benefits for both the mind and body, great for a daytime energetic and euphoric boost. You may feel instantly uplifted by a boost of energy, stimulating your mind with focus and creativity, while soothing stress and anxiety. The stimulating and pain-alleviating body high of this weed Kief may also keep you physically motivated for quite a while.


Chronic pain. Due to such a high and pure THC level, Blackberry Kief could relieve chronic pain with its numbing properties, without weighing you down. As several physical aches are alleviated, such as joint pains or migraines, you may feel a surge of energy take their place, keeping you motivated and productive.


A boost of energy. The fast-acting high of this cannabis Kief can boost your focus and creativity, elevating your problem-solving and brainstorming capabilities. In this stage, increased levels of mental or physical productivity are very probable.


Fatigue. The clear-headed and focused effects of this high could ease symptoms of fatigue. This weed Kief could potentially help individuals struggling with ADD or ADHD.


Mood disorders. The energetic effects of Blackberry Kief generally cause a euphoric mood boost with positive energy, effectively alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, or in some cases, even PTSD.


A Calming Relaxation


As the high of Blackberry Kief starts to wear off, and as the energetic and euphoric effects persist, you may also notice a comforting sense of relaxation come into play. This usually causes a calming effect that may easily erase stress and tension from your mind and body.


If you enjoy experimenting, there are different methods to consume Blackberry Kief, such as adding it to your joint for added potency, making your own hash, spicing up your cannabutter, or making those famous moonrocks.

7 reviews for Blackberry (Kief)

  1. Line

    Very good will buy again for me and friends 😜

  2. Derrick

    This product works well, and is nice to add to your bowls or doobies. It weighed out properly, and was sent in a discreet box. I recommend this website 100% 3x ordered and always a happy consumer

  3. keith

    I absolutely love this hash ,great topper or alone in the pipe.
    My fav mix is one or more kinds of hash on top of some flower in the pipe,
    definitely buying more…

  4. Murray

    Hard hitting, fast acting, and a great buzz! You don’t need much of this to get that great numb feeling. It’s definitely worth treating yourself to this, I’ll buy it again

  5. Dom

    Very good will buy again

  6. Fraser

    I will definitely buy this kief again. It is powder and very easy to add to a joint or to a bong with bud or by itself. I found it very fast hitting. It taste very pure, and not harsh. I recommend

  7. Adam

    made some brownies with it, one of the best times Ive had in a while, would def recommend.

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