Infused Bites by KRAV

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Infused Bites by KRAV Information

What more could you want other than a sweet flavour of Mango and a dose of weed-infused euphoria and relaxation? The KRAV Infused Bites are the perfect snacks for a rainy day! There’s about 80mg of THC per bag, leading up to a very intense state of euphoria and/or relaxation. The effects will last a while longer thanks to the digestion process.

Eating edibles leads to extended effects compared to other consumption methods. These cannabis edibles taste of mango and smell of mango. If you love mango, then you’ll love these Infused Bites! These bits of food are useful for alleviating:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic or acute pain
  • Depression
  • Appetite loss
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle soreness

What are KRAV Infused Bites’ effects like?

The reason why these edibles are healing is the infusion of pure THC. Extracted from highly-concentrated cannabis plants, the THC influences your endocannabinoid system in the expected ways. After 50-60 minutes post-ingestion, a rush of euphoria will lift your mood from the abyss of depression or anxiety. Give it some time and your body will start feeling a warm buzz that turns into powerful sedation.

By now, most of your pains and aches should have vanished alongside your insomnia and appetite loss. That’s right, eating one of these Infused Bites will make you even hungrier! If you haven’t experienced weed-infused physical sedation by now, these bites should be a great introduction.


How do you consume these Infused Bites?

It’s not rocket-science at all. Just pop one into your mouth whenever you feel off or you’re in a bad mood. The Krav Infused Bites are designed to elevate your mood progressively, until the stress and depression disappear. During this time, you’ll also calm down, letting your body relax thoroughly. Every bite contains a specific quantity of THC, so getting an exact dosage isn’t hard.


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