PUNCH! Mini Gummies (400mg & 800mg)

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PUNCH! Mini Gummies (400mg & 800mg) Information

PUNCH! X MMJDirect! We teamed up with the best gummy makers in Vancouver and we’re really proud to announce the STRONGEST and cheapest gummy out there. It has our stamp of approval and it blows all other “HIGHEST THC” gummy out of the water – it’s not even close.

We’re running a special introduction 50% off. Get your NOW as we’re limited quantity to start the makers are ramping them up exclusively for us. We wanted to make the last gummy you would ever need. And we made it. This is a proud moment for MMJ and we couldn’t have done it without our extremely talented partners.

PUNCH! Is available in 1200mg and 2400mg and option as well.


5 reviews for PUNCH! Mini Gummies (400mg & 800mg)

  1. Vincent

    Well I’m getting up of my “chair” and going to PUNCH from now on 😉
    I’ve been a long time buyer of atomic but sorry fellas I’m movin on UP !
    Let’s start with the fruity explosion I’ve tried a few flavors so far and I’m amazed with the great taste hardly any weed aftertaste but that’s 100mg the 200mg have a little more aftertaste but nothing dramatic. The effect now,
    I take them for chronic pain reasons.
    This stuff can really PUNCH 👊 its takes around 40 minute for me to start feeling pain relief after an hour I’m high as a kite ready to conquer the world. this is the ONLY gummy you will ever need. I highly recommend 6 stars

    P.s Thanks goes out to the excellent top knotch A1 customer service 👏

  2. Janet

    I’ve been a big fan of the ‘chair for a long time, but I tried the Punch and I’m walkin’ away! These are great, I get consistent results even when dividing the small ones. The taste is 100% better too!

  3. Nancy

    They are exactly as advertised. Better than atomic wheelchair and a lot more selection. Not for beginners.

  4. Vanessa

    Convenient size for dosing. Delicious flavour. Nice consistency with good, fast effects.

  5. Dean

    These bad boys deserve a star on the walk of yee ha….very smooth ascent to cruising altitude faster than the rest….to use the Punch thang…its an uppercut for the pro and a knockout for the rest….bye bye Whchair

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