PUNCH! Mini Gummies (400mg & 800mg)

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PUNCH! Mini Gummies (400mg & 800mg) Information

Meet PUNCH! Mini Gummies, your delicious passport to a lighter, more gentle elevation of your day. With two different potency options, 400mg and 800mg, these gummies provide a subtler, more mellow journey compared to their high-octane sibling, the PUNCH! 2400mg Gummie.

These delectable, bite-sized treats pack a fruity, sweet flavour and are designed with precision dosing in mind. Easy to consume and exceedingly discreet, PUNCH! Mini Gummies make it simple to infuse a dash of euphoria into your daily routine.

Tiny Treasures: Sweet Flavours in Discreet Doses

Beneath their playful exterior, these mini gummies host a veritable fiesta of sweet, fruity flavours. But the real beauty of these gummies lies in their discreet and convenient nature. 

You can easily slip them into your bag and enjoy a precisely dosed nibble wherever and whenever you like, all while keeping your cannabis consumption under wraps.

Soft Landing: Gentle Effects and Suitable Potency

Despite their diminutive size, PUNCH! Mini Gummies bring a delightful assortment of non-medical effects to the table. From feelings of euphoria and happiness to a boost in focus and creativity, a sense of calm and sociability is in the offing. 

Their lower potency makes them an excellent choice for anyone seeking a gentle enhancement of energy, happiness and calmness. Especially designed for daytime use, these gummies promise to add a joyful edge to your everyday affairs.

A Nibble at a Time: Consumption Made Easy

The PUNCH! Mini Gummies are designed with the mantra ‘less is more’. Aimed at offering a more subtle cannabis experience, they are perfect for lighter dosing throughout your day. Their small size means you can consume more than one at a time, depending on your tolerance and desired effect. As always, start slow and allow the effects to kick in before consuming more.

PUNCH! Mini Gummies masterfully encapsulate a delightful balance between flavour, effects, and convenience. They open a new avenue for those looking to incorporate a mellow cannabis experience into their daily routine. 

Small in size, but not to be underestimated, these gummies hold the promise of a gentle, joyful elevation of your day. Their compact size and discreet nature make them a fitting companion for on-the-go consumption. Simply enjoy how tasteful and gentle they are!

14 reviews for PUNCH! Mini Gummies (400mg & 800mg)

  1. Line

    Very good taste, the effect lasts several hours wow

    I recommend and will buy again

  2. Scott

    These are good. As advertised.

  3. Andre

    These are the best. Do easy to dose, biting off half or a third. For me they take about 30-40 minutes to take effect and keep me nice and baked for hours. Highly recommended

  4. Anthony

    amasing. great flavor and a nice steady “head high”. great for relaxing and watching tv. i have a pretty severe brain injury and i find thc/cbd products give me clariety in my thought process. i wouldent drive after taking any of these products as the effects tend to be long lasting. it also helps me sleeps something i couldent do for years before finding these products.

  5. Kaylynn

    I have tried edible candies once before and I can’t say I liked the taste at all. But this one was not bad. I got the apricot flavor. At first it taste good, then the aftertaste sets in and you taste a bit of the edible boldness. But If you don’t like the aftertaste it helps to change the flavor in your mouth by just eating something. These candies are small and easy to chew. The high is worth it. I also really apricate the fact that with edibles, you can eat and your high does not go away 😀 I think I will be buying this product again.

  6. Kimberley

    Good taste.

  7. Carrie

    I have been a long time atomic customer, these punch gummies are far superior! The texture, after taste and the high blow far past atomic!!! Not for beginners, as they are quite potent! Punch will be my new go to for sure!

  8. keith

    these r the best lime flavor and work great

  9. Lynne

    This was perfect for me!!!!
    \so easy to calibrate a perfect dose!
    It takes effect quickly and a very pleasant experience, I like that I don”t have to take much in order to feel the pleasant results.
    I feel that it was a very good purchase for me and is definately worth every penny!
    You won’t be disappointed.
    \the taste was wonderful and I liked that it didn”t seem too sweet!


  10. Vincent

    Well I’m getting up of my “chair” and going to PUNCH from now on 😉
    I’ve been a long time buyer of atomic but sorry fellas I’m movin on UP !
    Let’s start with the fruity explosion I’ve tried a few flavors so far and I’m amazed with the great taste hardly any weed aftertaste but that’s 100mg the 200mg have a little more aftertaste but nothing dramatic. The effect now,
    I take them for chronic pain reasons.
    This stuff can really PUNCH 👊 its takes around 40 minute for me to start feeling pain relief after an hour I’m high as a kite ready to conquer the world. this is the ONLY gummy you will ever need. I highly recommend 6 stars

    P.s Thanks goes out to the excellent top knotch A1 customer service 👏

  11. Janet

    I’ve been a big fan of the ‘chair for a long time, but I tried the Punch and I’m walkin’ away! These are great, I get consistent results even when dividing the small ones. The taste is 100% better too!

  12. Nancy

    They are exactly as advertised. Better than atomic wheelchair and a lot more selection. Not for beginners.

  13. Vanessa

    Convenient size for dosing. Delicious flavour. Nice consistency with good, fast effects.

  14. Dean

    These bad boys deserve a star on the walk of yee ha….very smooth ascent to cruising altitude faster than the rest….to use the Punch thang…its an uppercut for the pro and a knockout for the rest….bye bye Whchair

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