Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC

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2 x 25mg CBD
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Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC Information

What if you combined the potent flavour of strawberries with the high impact of cannabis? The result would be a scrumptious treat with great therapeutic benefits and a satisfying psychoactive state. The Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC are exactly that! These strawberry gummies contain 25mg of CBD each, and there are two gummies per package. Any cannabis enthusiast would want to obtain the healing effects of these gummies!

After eating one, your mind will become a big foggy, though most call this a state of bliss. Your mood will improve thanks to the action of the CBD on your endocannabinoids system. As you become happier and more motivated than ever before, you realize that your creativity has also improved. Physically, you also feel more relaxed and comfortable!

How should you consume the Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC?

If you’re a beginner cannabis consumer, then you may not know how edibles are meant to be consumed. These Strawberry Feels CBD gummies each have 25mg of CBD, and we recommend consuming ½ of a gummy initially. Wait for 40-50 minutes for the full effects to kick in, and then see how your body reacts. Is it a pleasant experience or do you feel scared by the potent effects?

Depending on your tolerance level and bodily reactions, you may want to decrease or increase your next dose. If your goal is to alleviate your medical symptoms, such as chronic pain or fatigue, then a higher dose may be in order. The entire gummy worth 25mg of CBD should help you unwind and appease your pains substantially. Thanks to these medical applications, the Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC are truly versatile gummies.

What are the effects and flavour of the Strawberry Feels CBD?

Who says that cannabis edibles shouldn’t be tasty and flavourful? The culinary experience matters just as much as the psychoactive experience. These Strawberry Feels are quite delicious thanks to the potent strawberry flavour. You may even start drooling just thinking about the creamy sweet strawberry flavour and aroma. One thing’s for sure – your taste buds will thoroughly enjoy these gummies.

Moving on to their psychoactive effects, the Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC calm your mind, appease your pains, and relax your body. These three effects provide a form of relief from many medical conditions, such as:

  • Sciatica
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Appetite loss
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Mild cases of migraines

14 reviews for Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC

  1. Amber

    These should be refridgerated.

  2. Tyler

    Love to take this product after a long hard day at the office great for reliving chronic inflammation and pain taste great would like to see these in a sour candy option in 30mg

  3. Asha

    I just love these! I suffer from anxiety so sometimes my brain just won’t shutoff and I can’t sleep. -I started with 1/2 as they are huge. After about 20-30min my body just melted into my bed. I was instantly relaxed and just felt a calmness take over. I’m already back to buy more!!

  4. Vanessa

    These gummies work relatively quickly and help to bring down anxiety and provides a feeling of relaxation and calm. Being a person with high anxiety these really do help. I just started with half a gummy and felt better!!!

  5. Cole

    The gummies are sweeter and larger than expected. The effects of the cbd were felt around 20 minutes after i ate them which calmed my anxiety and relaxed my muscles. Would be nice to have stronger doses optional. Though these did the trick, it would be a 5 if these were a bit stronger, in my opinion

  6. Tim

    Great for a before bed painkiller. Great results . Very delicious too.

  7. Dayna

    These gummies are incredible!
    The taste is something that you will notice right away! Awesome taste awesome product!
    I use this at bedtime for a nice restful sleep!

  8. Clay

    I have a serious spine injury – one of these and I am able to relax the tension caused by the injury for at least 4 hours
    – recommended

  9. James

    big chews ,good taste

  10. Ryan

    Strong CBD

  11. Kelly

    love these! Super tasty and fun to eat! A great way to get in some cbd

  12. Victor

    sooo yummy and easy to dose!! this medicine has helped me tremendously with inflammation and pain

  13. Jesse

    I liked these either whole one or half, before bed

  14. Alexander

    Great product. Lasts a bit longer when you cut these up! A little on the too sweet side, but still good !!

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