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Thai Koh Samui Chocolates (Teal) Information

Thai Koh Samui Chocolates, just as the name suggests, are edibles infused with the rare magic mushroom known as Thai Koh Samui or Psilocybe Samuiensis. This shroom is highly popular for the impressively high contents of psilocybin it carries. 

Thai Koh Samui Chocolates are widely loved for their creative effects that translate into an insightful visual trip often followed by a journey of meaningful self-discovery. Its mind-altering high can take up to 30 minutes to start making its presence known, but once it kicks in, it comes on pretty fast and noticeably. The high delivered by these shroom-infused edibles are generally described as highly pleasant. 

Effects: What To Expect

These edibles are infused with one of the most potent cubensis. Even though the high itself won’t be exactly the same for everyone as several factors play a determining role in this, the high it provides is beyond ordinary. 

The kind of trip you will experience is influenced by your surrounding, tolerance level, and even the food you ate beforehand. But even considering these aspects, users continuously speak of a life-changing experience when it comes to Thai Koh Samui Chocolates due to their phenomenal potency. 

Its mind-altering high can take you down an adventurous trip, where otherwise mundane things simply come alive and take on a new meaning. Besides your surroundings taking on a playful personality, the part of the trip that usually remains unforgettable is the journey of revelation and self-discovery you’ll have. 

Let’s Talk Dosage

If you are fairly new to magic mushrooms and edibles containing potent hallucinogenic psilocybin, then starting small is always the way to go. Eating up a whole Thai Koh Samui Chocolate might be a bit too much for the beginning stages, although experienced users don’t think much of it since their tolerance levels are so well-trained. 

For anyone new, or for someone who still considers themselves a beginner, we would recommend cutting one of these edibles into half, or even quarters, and start with that small dosage. Wait for at least 30 to 60 minutes for effects, and if you are not noticing anything, then help yourself to another quarter-piece. Just don’t be too quick to jump the gun because for a while it won’t seem like effects are working, and then they suddenly take you by surprise with a power punch.

4 reviews for Thai Koh Samui Chocolates (Teal)

  1. Daria

    As others have said before me, this is very weak. It’s not that it is bad, but would be better used as a microdose. There WAS an effect, but super-duper weak. I saw the visuals I was expecting but they were on “dim” as if I had to squint to really see them, even in absolute darkness. After a 2-hour comeup (very long for me), I decided to add .5g of another edible I knew was also very weak. Together, I managed to prolong the effects, but still, the visuals were so distant. A shame because they seemed really beautiful if I could have only made them more easy to decipher.

    So the trip experience was rather flat, BUT I wouldn’t want to completely discourage people from using this. It had stupendous day-after effects of calm, alertness, productivity and happy vibes.

    If you just want the positive after-effects, it’s still worth trying. But if you hope to trip balls, no, this ain’t IT. Maybe if you use 2G or above. I only had access to my 1G portion, so I couldn’t improve the situation. To me, this honestly felt like 0.25 or so grams.

  2. Michael

    I did these mushroom chocolates and found they didn’t get me that high but it did help with my methadone withdrawals. I’m proud to say that I have gotten off methadone just recently and mushrooms made it a lot easier. Without them it would of been way harder. I was at 100mg methadone and now am of it in under 2 years. Definitely amazing medicine. Thanks guys

  3. Christin

    The chocolate was nice but both myself and my sister had no effects from these at all. Sad face. I’m glad I only got one to try. Won’t be getting these again.

  4. Jennifer

    I am new to psilocybin and have tried a few different chocolates (at different dates) to start.
    I’m sorry to say but these ones didn’t do anything. Ate a half chocolate, waited about 1 hour, ate the other half and after 2 hours later still nothing. Went to bed. We are quite disappointed with this specific strain. 😕

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