Z-Strain Chocolates *Extra Potent*

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1 Gram Extra Potent Z-Strain Mushrooms Per Chocolate

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Z-Strain Chocolates *Extra Potent* Information

*These Z-Strain Chocolates are Extra Potent! Dose with care! *

Z-strain chocolates are edibles infused with Z magic mushrooms that may provide a creative, colourful, and hallucinogenic trip for its users in a discreet and tasty manner. These chocolates generally come in milk or dark varieties. In small portions, these may be a good fit for new users as well. Besides recreational enjoyment, these shroom chocolates may offer some medicinal effects as well, including a calm state of mind.

The cerebral high of Z-strain chocolates can potentially increase creativity and focus, enabling its users to easily finish up their tasks. With higher doses, a more intense hallucinogenic trip could be experienced that may even influence one’s sight as objects in their surroundings may take on great colours and the illusion of movement and livelihood.

A Shroom Edible To Relax

Z-strain chocolates are oftentimes used for recreational purposes but they may carry some medicinal benefits as well. Depending on the amount ingested, the potency of the effects can vary from a moderate to an intense hallucinogenic high.

Psilocybin-infused chocolates are one of the tastiest ways of consuming magic mushrooms for their hallucinogenic effects. Z-strain chocolates may offer you a calm state of mind due to their relaxing effects that may help in situations of stress and pressure. These shroom edibles are oftentimes used to boost and strengthen one’s mental and physical energy.

Dosing With Magic Shrooms

Sometimes it is hard to know the right dosing when it comes to magic mushrooms. Z-strain chocolates are great for micro-dosing practices. If you are new to magic shrooms, then we would encourage you to start with the smallest dose possible and wait for a few hours before considering a second helping.

Micro-dosing. This generally refers to 0.2-0.5g dosing. This is considered a sub-perceptual amount of magic shrooms. You may take this amount every few days for a potential boost in creativity and to feel more relaxed.

Happy effects. The dosing of about 0.6-1g may offer mild effects with euphoric and happy feels with possible visual enhancements.

Accentuated experience. When you ingest 1-1.5g shrooms, you may experience an accentuated sensorial trip where visual and auditory hallucinations may take place.

The classic high. With 1.5-3g magic mushroom you may experience vivid and clear visual hallucinations with the illusion of objects coming alive.

Fly me to the moon. Between 3-4g, your reality might bridge between a whole new dimension with the powerful mind- and reality-altering effects.

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  1. Dwayne

    Tastes great. I had mixed this strain with PE so I cannot give the most accurate account. Hope to try again soon.

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