Mini Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair

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Mini Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair Information

Mini Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair are great-tasting cannabis edibles that allow you to consume your daily dose of weed in a discreet way. These bite-sized gummies are infused with a potent blend of THC and CBD, providing a balanced and enjoyable experience for users.

** Special note **

We recommend the much better tasting and cheaper PUNCH!



AND PUNCH! MINIS 4 x 1 00mg AND 4 x 200mg

You can choose from a variety of flavour options, including Grape, Peach-Mango, and Black Cherry. The gummies are also gluten-free, vegan, and made with natural ingredients, making them a great choice for those with dietary restrictions.

Mini Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair: Potency and Effects

Atomic Wheelchair’s Mini Gummies are discreet and easy to use. They are perfect for those who prefer to avoid smoking or inhaling their cannabis, as well as those who want to avoid the stigma that can come with cannabis use. The gummies are small enough to be discreetly carried in your pocket or purse, making them an ideal option for those who need to use cannabis while being out and about or in a social setting.

One of the great things about these gummies is their potency. These mini edibles provide a strong and long-lasting effect with a relaxed and euphoric feeling, as well a soothing comfort in the body.

How To Use Atomic Wheelchair’s Mini Gummies?

Atomic Wheelchair’s Mini Gummies are easy to use. Simply pop one in your mouth and allow it to dissolve. The effects of the gummies will typically take about 30 minutes to an hour to kick in, and will last for several hours. This makes them a great option for those who need long-lasting boost or relief throughout the day.

Mini Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair are a great choice for those looking for a discreet, convenient, and enjoyable way to consume cannabis. You can carry them in your pocket so you can have easy access to them when you need a boost of euphoric energy during your day or when you need to calm your mind and ease up tensions in your body.

29 reviews for Mini Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair

  1. Franco

    absolutely love these, wish there were more

  2. Pamela

    I’ve tried every gummy on the market

  3. Jason

    These are some of the best edibles out there bang for the buck. I’ve never been disappointed

  4. Wendy

    These are excellent for pain! Atomic wow

  5. Scott

    This stuff is as advertised. Not sure but I think it’s stronger than the Punch at equivalent doses.

  6. Anastasia

    Sadly, certain flavors are not vegan as they contain gelatin. I did accidently order a non-vegan flavor and customer support was fabulous in dealing with me. I passed the gummies onto a non-vegan friend and she enjoyed them thoroughly.

  7. Gerald

    loved small pieces. atomic wheelchair is the best – much better than punch. best value for your buck.

  8. Sean

    If you want something that will melt you into the couch for the night this is the one to get. Super powerful – be careful out there!

  9. Derek

    This was so fun to take and gives you such a good feeling

  10. Morgan

    I really enjoyed this candy, each mini was a perfect dose. Take two if you want to go to bed, but 1 is good for a chill buzz. If I take too strong of a edible it just makes me sleep which i find a waste. So 1 was good for a buzz but not to knock me out.

  11. Sarah

    Fantastic! Good taste, great time.

  12. Bonnie-Lee

    I love this product. The flavour is amazing and the product has hugely helped me and my pain. I have undergone radiation and constant pain from tumours and five surgeries in nine years. The price is exceptional and I am never disappointed in any of the wheel chair products.

  13. Margaret

    I take gummies so I can sleep at night. This size is perfect for me after cutting in half. I sleep better than I have in years.

  14. keith

    Really great high from these.

  15. Lauryn

    Been trying them slowly – not the best taste … has that weird weed taste would try different ones next time

  16. Cole

    Needed some strong thc gummies and decided on these guys. Bought the mango and it tastes DELICIOUS, I could easily eat the whole pack if i wanted. Buzz lasts a long time, kicks in real hard and does exactly what a powerful edible like this should.

    Would recommend to anyone looking for a strong, but not overly powerful gummy.

  17. Caroline

    Very potent !

  18. Barbara

    Tried these for the first time, and was not disappointed! 100 mg is a nice dose for me, as I have a high tolerance. Will reorder!

  19. Dean

    Atomic WCh has a fairly rapid ascent to cruising altitude with little or no stomach turbulance in either takeoff or landing…dosage is consistant as one could expect and I personally don’t care what it tastes like I just wanna feel it…if you are a triple OG flyer of modern cannabis delivery you will not be dissapointed

  20. Vincent

    I usually buy the puck of 1000mg when I decided to try this product I was not sure at first…but theses are little bombs took half of a 300mg and I was relieved from pain n 39 min with that great euphoria feeling…. these are very good tasting 😋 but they are potent beginning beware. Another great product from MMJ Vince👍

  21. Nancy

    Excellent with no aftertaste. Extremely effective and already portioned out. I wouldn’t recommend this to newbies but for other this works well.

  22. Jhonatan

    very strong but the smell and the flavor is nasty assf , i give 3 for the high but i dont rebuy

  23. Robin

    These pack a great punch, I was pleasantly surprised on the quality and potency. I have a higher tolerance so I wouldn’t recommend for beginners. Awesome product!

  24. Jacob

    hell yeah. these kick ass. 300 is more than enough to have a good time but two never hurts 🙂

  25. SCOTTY

    Ok, holy cow. Atomic Wheelchair indeed. These things are bananas. I was literally so high I slept for two days after I enjoyed my buzz and passed out. It appears I’ve more than met my match with these gummies. Having learned my lesson, I will be slicing and dicing the remaining gummies so I don’t end up in another weed coma moving forward. These are crazy high quality, VERY potent, and definitely not for beginners (unless they’re way smarter than me, and ration appropriately). I will likely be ordering lots more of these as the bang for the buck is incredible, even if my wussy-ass constitution can’t take the proverbial heat. Try them once, love them forever – but do so in 🙂

  26. Carrie

    I have always bought the atomic pucks but these are so convenient. I also prefer the texture of these over the puck gummy. I find these take about 45 min to kick, once they do you will have a great experience like all the weight will be lifted off your shoulders. AMAZING AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

  27. Jo-anne

    Alrighty then!!😜
    Lookin’ for a good time? You found it!☺️😎
    These little guys pack a wallop just like their big bro👌🏿!
    Pain relief, inflammation reduction, and insomnia…GONE!😜❤️🥰
    Hello smiley, floaty, cloud riding, sliding blissfully into restful uninterrupted sleep😎🥰😴
    Love these guys❤️!
    Will be a staple in my daily regime!🙏😌!

  28. Alexandre

    Gummies are soft and tasty, taste slightly dank (important factor for me is being able to tell it’s cannabis and it not being totally candified). I had the black cherry and it had a nice natural cherry flavor. Coming up took about 45 mins for me (300mg), and I lasted about 4 hours before I went off to bed. High was nice and mellow, not too anxiety-inducing. Not for new users but definitely a very pleasant experience, would totally recommend especially for the price.

  29. Rob

    I’m a fan of the atomic wheelchair pucks so naturally I had to try these. Went big with the 300mg mini wheels and oh boy, I was not expecting it to hit so hard haha. My tolerance is rather high and even I was blown away. Gonna cut them in half and make them last longer haha. If you have a high tolerance and need something with a lil more umph, you should def try these. Recommend!!!!

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