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** Special note **

We’ve been fans of Osmosis for a long time but the prices never made sense, they are just too expensive. The last few months we’ve also been receiving several complaints about potential quality issues from MMJ customers.

We’ve been looking for a brand that can address both these issues and we found myco labs. They offer several identical products to Osmosis. The quality has been excellent in our tests, much better than Osmosis.

Together with myco labs we’re bringing their products to MMJ and we will be offering some great introduction prices. Currently you can try them at about half the price of competing Osmosis products.

So if you want an affordable, very high quality micro dosing experience you must try Brain Boost by myco labs.


Osmosis Brain Boost Microdose Mushroom caps. The Osmosis Brain Boost blend combines Golden Teachers Psilocybe Cubensis and Organic Lion’s Mane. This blend has been made famous by the most knowledgable mycologist in the world; Mr. Paul Stamets. The Stamets blend is a nootropic blend that will aid in epigenetic neurogenesis.

Buy Brain Boost online in 3 strengths:

  • 50mg
  • 100mg
  • 200mg

Depending on which capsule size you try, the effects might be more potent than expected. You may experience various effects related to the psychedelic compounds included within these capsules.

How do these capsules work?

The active compound is the blend between the Golden Teacher Psilocybe and organic Lions Mane. The psilocybin functions by affecting your 5-HT2A serotonin receptor within your brain. The greater the dosage, the more serotonin you’ll have flowing in your brain.

Moreover, these capsules also affect the transmission of Glutamate, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for the various cognition functions. In other words, if you order Osmosis Brain Boost – 30 Pack online, you do it for one of the following two reasons:

  • To reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • To increase your creativity and cognition

The ingredients in these capsules affect you in more ways than one, and they may also serve as a form of therapy. Mail order Brain Boost now from MMJDirect, the best online dispensary in Canada!

Potential medical benefits

Thanks to its nootropic compounds, the Brain Boost blend could likely help those suffering from anxiety and depression become stabilized. The symptoms will most likely diminish exponentially, especially during the first few moments after consumption. Social anxiety, in particular, should be significantly reduced.

19 reviews for Brain Boost by Osmosis

  1. Meredith

    Wonderful product

  2. Andres

    Great way to start your microdosing journey!
    Great effects.
    Helped with my mind fog and i noticed i was a lot more joyful not just for the day but during my entire microdosing period (3 months).
    Definitely worth the price

  3. Nihal

    The reviews are surprising to me, cuz I honestly did not feel any difference. I bought 3 bottles so that I can micro dose consistently for at least 2 months. Very disappointed. I know it’s not overnight, I know it’s gradual and small. But this literally felt non existent.

    I don’t know maybe I just have a high tolerance. Even though I used the 200mg version.

  4. John

    This is a staple for me. Excellent product and works for when the days are looking a little gloomy . . . one of these puts me back on track to sunshine and kittens.

  5. Alkistis

    I bought these someone entirely new to microdosing and have had an interesting experience so far a few months in. First off, the price is up there, although that is the case with almost all supplements.. It took a good few weeks until I could genuinely say I noticed a difference, but over time (first month or two) I started noticing a lift, even almost immediately ie. on the day of taking the microdosing cap. (went with the 100mg one, for reference) Best way to describe it would be an added boost of energy, so if you are already consuming caffeine you may even find that you can cut back on your coffee consumption for those days. I will say, if you follow a schedule like one day on, two off (or some variation of that) the bottle lasts a good while.

  6. Elias

    Maybe its me but i found these to be somewhat inconsistent day to day.

  7. Sukh

    Great product, helped with mental fatigue. Looking to try the new alternative once i deplete this bottle

  8. Caleb

    these are perfect for macrodosing on a Sunday morning watch wandavision.

  9. Katrice

    I love my micro-dose days. As someone who has suffered with depression and anxiety most of my life Brain Boost by Osmosis has been a game changer I have wanted to stop taking my Doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals for years and now I have cut my prescription by half. The residual affects of Osmosis carry on throughout the week now. I am focused, calm and energized. I sleep way better AND my brain fog is gone. Plant medicine is great.

  10. Monique


  11. Steve

    Brain Boost has been great for me. My mood lifts and I feel energized which goes on for most of the day. No problem seems too great, problem solving is not a task. I find I am a lot more emphatic and easygoing.

  12. Fatemeh

    I feel very good after taking this capsule that I decided to write a review right now and share my experience with people. Depression and anxiety are (were) two of my forever companionship. However, I was never inclined to take medication, tried it once, hated it, and stopped taking it. My friend told me about Mushroom and his experiment with it. I wasn’t really interested because I am not really interested in a high dose of anything to make me feel good for a while. I started my own research about microdossing which I found very interesting. I ordered 5 of 50mg of Brain boost to see how it goes. Two days on a row I took a capsul of 50mg once a day in the morning. I didn’t feel any effect. I had only 3 left. So, this morning I decided to take all remaining three of 50mg at once. Couple of hours has passed and I feel wonderful and funny it might sound but I feel I can sit down and write a book. I feel calm, peaceful and creative. I really, really recommend it to everyone who might be interested to give it a try and judge it base on your own experience. Don’t listen to anyone, make your own decision on what dosage is good for you based on your own experience. For me, I think 50mg was too low and 150mg sounds good for now. Tomorrow I am going to start my 100mg of Focus by Osmosis and will let you know how it goes.

  13. Andre

    Love these brain boost. I am a music composer and 1 of 2 of these will help by adding a extra
    layer on my buzz as i play away. Bit of wine …bit of hash…and a few of these…. cant go wrong.

  14. Shane

    In love with this product! Seasonal depreasion sets in for me every october and drags all the way through winter. Brain boost has picked me right up and has even improved my productivity at work. Im thinking more clearly and feeling amazing. MMJDirect has speedy service, very impressed overall.

  15. Geremy

    I recommend 200 mg! you will be able to go through your day problem-free and with an incredible problem-solving attitude. Everyone will love you like that, with a good attitude, you will be focused on what you are told and you will be perfectly in control!

  16. Russell

    I have been curious to try micro-dosing of mushrooms to see if I can function clearly with a low dosage while also amping up my creative side for work (and life). The first batch I tried was the 50mg…I would say that I could not be sure if I noticed anything from them from a ‘buzz’ perspective – but I did seem to be focused at a higher level (no-pun intended) and had no issues carrying or following a conversation with a ‘sober’ friend. Next, I’m going to try the 100mg now that I feel comfortable to further my experimentation with this product but with a higher dosage.

  17. Amber

    The first time that I tried this I was a little zoomey. I would recommend the lower dose options if you’re not usually a psychonaut… Otherwise the unlocked focus and creativity are really great.

  18. Edenne

    Brain Boost caps by Osmosis were efficient to reduce symptoms of anxiety and boost cognition. At higher doses, 200 mg, these capsules allow you to think about a situation or a problem differently and to consider new solutions and perspectives. These caps are reliable, meaning you generally know what to expect from one single dose based on previous experiences. The empathogen-entactogen effect is pronounced, and quite helpful to connect with others or to embrace a different perspective. 🧠

  19. Jesse

    I absolutely love these. I’ve thought about micro dosing psilocybin for a while but never really committed. These capsules are great; they relieve stress and anxiety and really improve my mood and motivation for work and other activities. I can take one in the morning and have a productive and introspective day without worrying about an overwhelming high feeling. This is the major sell for me, as it relieves stress/anxiety but still lets me work and be productive, all while feeling a little more aware and in tune with myself. Would recommend to just about anyone!

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