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1000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair Information

Atomic Wheelchair Gummy contains 1000mg THC and delivers heavy effects. It is only recommended for experienced cannabis users. Both its flavour options of Green Apple and Grapefruit offer a delicious treat for the taste buds.

Atomic Wheelchair Gummy: Effects

Consistency, effectiveness, and great potency are offered by this edible as they are created using a highly concentrated dose of full-spectrum cannabis oil crowned with memorable flavouring.

This THC-infused gummy can be highly effective in a myriad of cases aiding to a multitude of needs, including:

  • Reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Alleviating acute and chronic pain
  • Easing the symptoms of muscle tensity, spasms, and cramps
  • Increasing appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Significantly reducing nausea
  • Easing migraines and headaches

These edibles are also known to elevate one’s mood as they can offer a state of euphoria, creativity, and an improved overall mental state. Atomic Wheelchair Gummy can deliver relaxation for the mind and a soothing, comforting feeling for your body.

Best Tips For Dosing

With edibles, dosing is key. Knowing the right dose for you will provide your best experience and desired effects.

This THC-rich Gummy by Atomic Wheelchair is impressively strong. We recommend you start with a lower dose and go slow. You can easily cut the gummy into smaller serving sizes. This way, you can explore your ideal tolerance level in a safe manner.

Each Gummy puck is scored around the edge dividing it into ten equal triangles. This ensures the same dose for each serving.

Wait for at least 90 minutes for effects to kick in before you consider a second serving. If at this point you are still not experiencing the desired effects, you may increase your dose by another serving. Wait for another 90 minutes, and if the effects are still not the ones you wish to experience, then you can safely increase your dose again.

23 reviews for 1000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair

  1. TYLER

    This thing is potent. It’s 1000mg of weed which is roughly an ounce of flower. It’s a lot.

    Don’t think that you are going to take this all at once.

    I enjoyed it, as someone with a higher tolerance, it is hard to find edibles with a strong enough rating.

    I can eat 50-75mg of THC and not feel any effects, personally. This edible is nice because I can take the higher amounts.

    Highly recommend it, but be safe!

    As the other review mentioned, a novice could definitely get far too high if they do not measure out this edible properly. However, I found the product packaging quite clear and straightforward. If you were to eat this entire edible at once, you would not have read anything on the packaging or chose to disregard it.

    Keep it up!

  2. Elaine

    The firts gummy strong enough to make me feel something !! 😁 Start by small peace

  3. Jim

    I have tried several different gummy’s before and still do but these are every bit of what it says on the can.
    These are not hit or miss gummy’s, they are reliable for the same affect every time. They are so pure in dosage to deliver what I expect when I take one.

    I am by no means a veteran. I cut the 100mg section into two so my dosage is 50mg which for me is a good buzz and I feel really nice.

    Cut it into a dosage you know you can do and go from there. you gotta try!

  4. William

    Boy these babies will brighten up your day. Prepare to spend a few hours in the chair!

  5. Nyasha

    Lol, this edible is not to be played with. As a “newbie” to edibles, I would recommend cutting this into smaller pieces instead of eating a whole slice (100mg per 10 slices) just to decrease the dosage. At first the high was amazing, toloratable but once an hour passed by, the high started to become too much to handle and sometimes uncomfortable. If you are someone who is new to edibles and wants to increase their tolerance, definitely cut this into smaller pieces just to possible decrease the dosage.

    On the positive side, it did help me to sleep really well and woke up abit high but refreshed 🙂

  6. Jordan

    These hit pretty hard and I wouldn’t recommend them to a non-experienced edible user. They have notches on them for easy spliting.100mg got me to the point of an uncomfortable high, and 50mg was pleasant but still pretty high. I didn’t enjoy the grapefruit flavor, though.

  7. Eric

    Not for the faint of heart but man did this pack a punch
    taste was quite good as well, for the professionals only haha

  8. Alaura

    I absolutely loved this edible!
    All I did was cut it up with some scissors then grab little pieces as I please. It was really nice to find a product that actually works because it is frustrating buying all these products just to find they don’t work. This particular one did not fail what so ever. The high was on point!

  9. Michael

    These things are fantastic. My old man put me on to these gummies after he had hyped them up. As his doses are usually low, I definitely underestimated them. The 100mg cut diagram was plenty for me to experience a strong high and relax my way into a good sleep. I usually smoke a half dozen bongs or a couple joints a night so my tolerance is not low. Looking forward to trying a bigger piece this weekend.
    10/10 would reccomend
    Flavour is great, it’s not sticky or hard to cut.
    Delivery was very quick, much sooner than the expected date given to me. I will be ordering these regularly 👍

  10. PASCAL

    Excellent product. Tastes good and has a consistent effect.

  11. Bryan

    This is our new go to edible. My wife and I are still fairly new, we don’t smoke, we only ingest edibles. Our tolerance over the past two years has increased from about 10-15mg to 25-30mg. We have portioned the wheelchair gummy into aprox 32 pieces and one piece (approximately 30mg) is plenty! There are other gummies that have a high thc content but they are smaller and harder to portion out. With the round shape it made it much easier to get the correct portion size. One tiny sliver and we are good for about 8 hours. Excellent value!

  12. Drake

    I am personally a huge fan of atomic Wheelchairs. Definitely my go-to edible. I have been a consumer of cannabis for several years so my tolerance has grown. That being said they are the only edibles I constantly have on hand because of the doses. 100mg per slice(10 slices to an edible) makes it extremely easy to dose once and that’s enough.

    I have tried the grapefruit and the strawberry kiwi. I personally prefer the latter however grapefruit is good too. The aftertaste is a bit different than one might expect, however, with such high doses it’s to be expected.

    In conclusion, highly recommend to anyone wanting to get more into edibles, be warned, these are very strong. Probably not great for beginners. Safety first loll

  13. Chris

    These are very good, quite potent. I get 5 or 6 hours out of 1/6 piece. Easy to chew and digest. Long time user.

  14. Darquise

    great energy booster because it relieves the pain for a long while !!

  15. Janet

    I’m so glad I found these! I have a very high tolerance, so 100-150 mg is a regular thing for me. I love that I can cut these fairly accurately. My first order was green apple, not a great choice. 5 stars from me for the product!

  16. Anna

    My girlfriend ate about 125mg and I ate about 300 mg and we absolutely loved it.Usually I do about a a half gram of homemade Phoenix Tears and this was a nice treat felt very relaxing and with pain issues very well. O ya if you want something to put you to sleep buy these just be careful make sure have an idea what you can handle before going over board on these. I can see some people learning there lesson with one. Absolutely love these edibles. Next time these go on sale I’m getting like 5 of these. BUY THESE

  17. Colin

    Hard hitting. Tastes great!

  18. Dejan

    As someone with a high tolerance, I was really excited to see a product like this at such an affordable price. It works well and packs a heavy punch that will last for hours. The notches on the gummy make it very easy to divide into equal pieces which is a nice touch so you know how much your getting every time however I did notice a bit of inconsistency with the intensity of it when eating the same size pieces. Overall would reccomend this to anyone with a moderate tolerance and is looking to have a fun time.

  19. Morgan

    I cut it into 10 pieces and 1 piece which I assume would equal 100mg is fine for me. I would need a wheelchair if I ate this all! I liked the taste it isn’t sticky and is easy to cut. Will buy again.

  20. Gagan

    I have extremely high thc tolerance, while this high of a dose may be shocking to some, it’s more of a regular weekend night for me. That said, this does the trick, it’s delicious so long as you refrigerate it and not too bad with the aftertaste.

    If you’re a regular user this is all you need. If you have a superhuman tolerance you’ll enjoy this as well but ration it out appropriately

  21. Rob

    My new favorite!!!! The taste is strong but that just lets you know what your getting. Not for newbies, says so right on the pack. READ THE WARNING LABELS!! If you have high tolerance or just want to have one hell of a day to yourself, I recommend the wheelchair!!! I’m waiting patiently for the restock…. 🙂

  22. Rachel

    Bought these to help fight insomnia. Even a small portion had my euphoric and calm and I slept like a baby. Do recommend.

  23. John

    I recommend that you discontinue this product.
    100 mg unit is a serious oral dose but to get there the customer must first divide a big gummie into 10 pieces.
    I suspect that some could neglect to do so particularly in social situations with the results being negative and unexpected.
    As practice I do not provide reviews but this is a safety matte. I do not want the review bonus. Thanks. John

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